The bad girl (JB FanFiction)

Adriana is a bad girl Also is Justin what will happen when they meet each other what will happen when they are dating and what will happen when Sasha finds out? Will she destroy there life's or is her life gone be destroyed

Read to find out


3. Momma's tip

Adriana's pov

I laid on my bed thinking about Justin he's not like the other bad boys i've dated he's different i don't know but i think i like him

Justin's pov

Daim this girl i don't know what i'm gone do she is different she is not girly girly but just like me a bad ass i walked down stairs i saw my mom standing in the kitchen

Mom: hey sweetie how are you

Me: i'm fine mom have a problem and you have to help me

Mom: what have you done Justin?

Me: nothing wrong it's just … there's a girl add school i really like her but i don't know if she likes me back

Mom: is my little boy in love?

Me: mom it's not funny i'm serious

Mom: okay sorry

Me: do you have any tips for me to win her heart?

Mom: uuuhm let me think you can take her to a nice restaurant or something like that

Me: that's a good idea but she is not so easy she's like a real bad ass i don't think she'll like this

Mom: Justin you need to know something about woman every woman want to go to a chic restaurant

Me: okay mom thanks i'll take her to a restaurant thanks for the tip

Mom: you're welcome honey

I know what i'm gone do today i texted some friends they need to give me Adriana's number i called the restaurant and rented the whole place for tomorrow

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