The bad girl (JB FanFiction)

Adriana is a bad girl Also is Justin what will happen when they meet each other what will happen when they are dating and what will happen when Sasha finds out? Will she destroy there life's or is her life gone be destroyed

Read to find out


12. Fase 1

The day after Claire found out about Sasha's aunt i went to school. It was a Thursday in the middle op May. Today is the day that i'll face That bitch.

Before i walked i to school i saw Justin. He saw me to and he waved.

Sasha: oh are you and Justin fighting?

I couldn't hold back a laugh.

Sasha was standing behind me with her group as always. I really don't know why they're following here. But anyway i don't care.

Me: isn't that obvious? Or are you just blind?

Sasha: i was just asking. You know. Jake is actually a really nice guy. I don't know why you broke up with him. He told me that you broke his heart. Why did you do that?

Me: he told you i broke his heart. You got to be kidding me. But if i were you i wouldn't cross the line today 'cause karma's coming after you.

Sasha: oooh I'm terrified. I have nothing to hide so.

Me: oh no. That's not what aunt Jacky told me

And she froze. Sasha froze. She'd never saw this one coming. No i have her and i can do whatever i want. I walked up to her. Placed my heat right near her ear so that she'll be the only person who could here what i'm about to say

Me: if you don't watch out i would make your life a living hell.

I looked at her and she looked terrified.

Me: but girl you have really nice shoes. I'll talk to you later. Bye

And with that i walked away. I could hear people say things like: 'what did she say' and 'how are you. What happened'

I think i did my job well. Fase 1 is complete.

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