Luke Is My Best Friend

I'm Maddy, and my best friend is, Luke Hemmings. We are still really close even when he became famous, the only thing that was in the way was fans, time differences, and distance. What will we do to after the band's bus crashes??


2. When he had to go

I remember the day he left to be a star like it was yesterday. "Hey stupid" Luke called out to me, as I came rushing over there. "What do you want Luke Hemmings" I said playfully. "No need for the last name calling, Maddyson Grace Marshall!" He boasted. I laughed as we feel on the ground looking at the clouds. "I just want you to know you're my best friend, and always will be" I smiled, but wondered what was going on. "I have some news" My heart was pounding as we sat up, I saw a sad look on his beautiful face. "You know how I love to sing, and it's my passion, right?" Luke said worried. "Of course I do Luke." "We'll" He paused looking up in the sky as the clouds darkened. "I will be going on tour soon, with 3 other amazing people I met." I was about to cry, it started to rain but we stayed there. "That's amazing, I'm so happy for you" I said as a tear drop scattered down my tanned skin. A small but meaningful tear streamed down his face, as we hugged for the last time for awhile. His tour was the next day, but he told me on the last minute. The rain got us soaked as we laid there is each other's arms.

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