Luke Is My Best Friend

I'm Maddy, and my best friend is, Luke Hemmings. We are still really close even when he became famous, the only thing that was in the way was fans, time differences, and distance. What will we do to after the band's bus crashes??


4. Tragedy

When the Line went dead I had no idea what happened, then I panicked. I tried calling back but no answer, I called Ashton and Michael but no answer. So I called Calum. He answered. "What happened?!" I said so concerned. His speech was on and off, "Accident on Abbernathy St. Help" and the line went dead. Then I realized that wasn't far. I stole my mom's car and rushed down the road. When I arrived I saw the bus on it's side, a 18 wheeler truck flipped over, papers, and Luke's beanie. I screamed. I ended up passing out and woke up not knowing where I was. I was in the Hospital. I woke up and asked where Luke was, "In the other room, but you can't see him yet." The doctor said as I cried. Calum came in my room with a huge bandage around his head and scratches. Ashton was fine, but his phone flew out the window, and Michael was knocked out on the bus, but was fine. "What happened to Luke?!" I screamed. "We have no idea but he is messed up bad." Ashton said about to cry. A few hours later the doctor came in the room. "Luke… has many scratches, he broke his nose, wounds, and hit is head, but he is fine." He was fine was all I wanted to hear. I was thankful he was alive. " when the bus crashed he was standing up, on the phone." The doctor said as I remembered that call from earlier. "We put Luke on some medicine that makes him a little loopy, but he had asked too see you." said the doctor.

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