Luke Is My Best Friend

I'm Maddy, and my best friend is, Luke Hemmings. We are still really close even when he became famous, the only thing that was in the way was fans, time differences, and distance. What will we do to after the band's bus crashes??


3. The next day

Today was officially going to be the worst day of my entire life. Luke soon reassured me that everything was going to be fine. "I love you Maddy" he said with his soft hands around my waist. "I love you too" I said softly. Out of the window of the bus I could see Michael, Calum, and Ashton. As they smiled down at us, I felt like as if the spotlight was on us. Luke deeply stared into my green eyes, as I stared into his. As he boarded the bus, I died a little. My heart felt like the titanic sinking. He waved as the bus drove away, I slowly waved back. I had no idea how I could do this. There had to be a way, some how. Later on my phone went of saying "Maddy!!! It's Luke here! Trying to call you!! Please answer I want to hear you're voice!!" I smiled at the special ringtone he made me. As I picked up the phone he said "I miss you!" I said tearing up"I miss you way more" "Please don't cry" he said softly. "I won't" I told him. Suddenly the line went dead, I had no idea what happened.

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