Luke Is My Best Friend

I'm Maddy, and my best friend is, Luke Hemmings. We are still really close even when he became famous, the only thing that was in the way was fans, time differences, and distance. What will we do to after the band's bus crashes??


5. Seeing Luke

As I walked into the room I wondered why Luke was singing the alphabet song. Then I realized the meds. Soon he passed out, and when he awoke he would be fine. As he woke up the first person he saw was me, as he said my name a teared up and laid into his arms. He kissed my neck, he has never done that before. Then he kissed my lips. Then said " I want you in my life as best friends and more" I smiled and I was glad he finally asked me out. After 4 weeks Luke's Scratches, Broken bones, wounds and more were gone. He was healed and happy.

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