Luke Is My Best Friend

I'm Maddy, and my best friend is, Luke Hemmings. We are still really close even when he became famous, the only thing that was in the way was fans, time differences, and distance. What will we do to after the band's bus crashes??


1. How it all began

I'm Maddyson, but everyone calls me Maddy. We'll that is, except my best friend Luke. He calls me goofy, stupid, dumb, beautiful, the best, smart, idiotic, and any thing else he would call me. Luke is now in a band, but that's not how it always was. Luke was just a shy boy. He also did really well in school. He even sang amazing and he still does. Nothing really changed about Luke except us. It's hard without him here but I try to live with it. I missed him, and still do, that's how it began.

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