"Because I need money, way more than any of the spoiled brats that live in society today."

"Then take the money,"


"What?!" I ask, astonished and confused.

"I came here for the money, but found something so much better.."

"Why? Why me?"

"Well, baby girl I think it's fate don't you? You, showing up at this exact moment." Says the man on the worst day of my life.

The day my life was ruined.


2. The tragedy

"No!" I scream, sitting up in bed. I look around at the blank white walls, and machines beeping along with my heartbeat. There is an iv in my arm, and a bag of blood by the bed.


"Jenn?" I hear a voice croak. I turn toward the sound to see my mom standing at the other side of the bed. Mascara and eyeliner stain her cheeks looking slightly crusted, and her blonde hair ruffled.


"Hey mom," I say giving a slight smile to show I feel fine, "What's going on?"


"You don't remember?"


"Remember what?" Her eyes grow wide, causing the makeup on her cheeks to flake. The smile slips off my face as she stares at me. After a moment she backs up, and covers her mouth with her hand. Shaking her head, she walks to the end of the room and exits.


I stare around the room in confusion. What happened? Did I get hurt? The last thong I remember is getting out of the car and going up the walk. Did I fall? You would thonk if something happened to me I would remember. I run through a million difrerant possibilities in my head, yet none of them seem to fit just right.


A few moments later, my mom walks in the room with a man in a white lab coat. His hair black at one point in his life, had now been streaked with gray. He had a slight beard and looked pretty handsome. His eyes right and lively although he's in such a sad and dull place. 


"Hi, Miss. Watson." He smiles at me, the frows feet around his eyes crinkling and making him look older. He grabs the chart from the end of the bed before continuing to talk, "It's good to see you awake."


"How long was I asleep?"


"Just a few hours," He flips some papers and nods his head slightly, "Alright Miss. Watson, I'm going to have to ask you a few questions."


"Okay." I say hesitantly. 


"Don't worry, it's just a little test," He responds, "It will be quick."


"Okay." I say again, a little more confidently. 


"Could you tell me your name?


"Jenn. Of course I know my name I'm not stupid," I snap.


"I know you aren't, it's just standard questions," He smiles again, and puts the chart down on the bed.


"How old are you?"




"Okay, do you know what year it is?"




"Yes, that's right," He pauses, looks back at my mom and then to me, "Do you remember what happened before you got here?"


"I was getting out of the car," His brows are arched high, and his lips facing downward into a frown, and I feel a spike of nervousness, "And I must have fallen and hit my head, thats all."


"Miss. Wat- I mean Jenn," He looks at me in the eyes, and I know instantly it wasn't right, "You didn't slip and fall, or trip over anything. 


"Then what happened?" 


"You were knocked out on purpose."


"What?" I look up at my mom to see tears spilling down her face, her body raking with sobs. I felt a stab of nervousness deap in my gut.


"Jenn, you were raped." Then everything floods back, going into the house, the man with the gun, and him hitting me in the head.


I snap out of the flashback, to find tears running down my cheeks. My mom rushes over to the bed and wraps her arms around me, and we both sob together. I couldn't help but feel dirty, ashamed, and angry.




"Where are Dad and Mariah?" I ask. We were sitting on the bed together eating jello cups. They took me back into a room where they did a full examination for evidence, and after the police took my report. Then, the nurses let me eat.


"Dad took Mariah to grandma's so I could stay here with you," She replies, and smiles sadly. Her makeup is freshly cleaned off, and her hair brushed. "He's coming here right after."


"Does she know?"


"No, we desided not to tell her,"


"Good." We sit for a moment and eat, not saying a word. But one question was spinning around in my head. "Mom, who found me? You know, after what happened."


"Oh, that was your friend Tiffany. She was the one who called 9-1-1 and rode with you to the hospital."


"Then where is she?"


"She left when we got here."


"Oh, well do you think I could take a shower?" I ask once finished with my jello.


"I don't see why not," She answers. She gets up, and takes the trash and throws it in the garbage. "I'm going to go ask a nurse if it's alright."


"Okay," I say, then she opens the door and steps out. I scoot over to the edge of the bed, and my short legs dangle over the edge. I look up when the door swings open, to see her again.


"They said it's fine, there just might be some dizziness from losing so much blood." She comes over to the side of the bed, "Do you think you can walk?"


"I don't know, but I can try," My toes touch the cold linoleum floor, and I push myself up onto my feet. My muscles are stiff and it makes it hard to walk, but besides that I feel fine. We make it over to the door, and she opens it. 


"Do you want help?" She asks.


"No, I can do it myself."


"Okay, leave the door unlocked just in case. I will wait out here."


The door closes and I turn toward the shower, then the mirror. I gasp aloud at the image I see. The person looking at me is, no it can't be. But I'm standing right here, so it must be. My brunette hair is ruffled and frizzy, sticking up about an inch above my head. 


I take my gown off to see underneath revealed bright blue bruises spreading out all over my stomach and legs. My eyes fill with tears, and I'm brought back to that night.


"Well, baby girl I think it's fate-"


I wake up lying on the floor, two nurses hovering over me. My mom is in the back, watching with tearful eyes and my dad standing next to her. I don't say anything as they help me up off the floor and out of the bathroom.


"Don't worry, it will get better with time." My mom says. I just nod my head and get into the bed, hoping she is right.


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