"Because I need money, way more than any of the spoiled brats that live in society today."

"Then take the money,"


"What?!" I ask, astonished and confused.

"I came here for the money, but found something so much better.."

"Why? Why me?"

"Well, baby girl I think it's fate don't you? You, showing up at this exact moment." Says the man on the worst day of my life.

The day my life was ruined.


1. The Beginning


The alarm blares, and I snap my eyes open as the connection to dreamland is severed. My head aches, and my face hurts. The night before my best friends dragged me to a party, and I must have drank a little too much. 


I flip my feet over the side of the bed and shiver when my feet touch the cold wood floor. I feel the need to crawl back into bed wash over me, but get up anyway. My feet seem to guide their way to the door, without my concent. 


Once over to the counter in front of the mirror, I see the ridicule that was once known as my face. Eyeliner and mascara have seemed to find their way to the far corners of my cheebones. I take out a wash-cloth and run it under the tap, and rub some facial soap into it.


I flinch a little as the cold towel touches my face, but soon get used to the sensation. As I scrub away, I try to remember what exactly happened at the party before, and how I even got there in the first place.


I sit on the couch, remote clenched between my buttered fingers from the popcorn bowl balanced on my gut. My parents are gone on a business trip with all their lawyer friends, also took my sister with them. 


On the screen, a sappy romance movie plays. Tears run down my face, while the cutesy movie couple kiss. I've always had a weak spot in my heart for romance movies. I pop another handfull of popcorn into my awaiting mouth, and lean back a little further into the couch.


The doorbell rings, causing me to jump. The popcorn bowl instantly flies into the air, and I watch as it freefalls and hits the ground, the popcorn spilled onto the rug. I curse under my breath, and step over the pile, to answer the door. 


I open it to find three smiling faces, the ones that constantly talk me into doing the things I've hated for years. Macy, Tiff, and Britt. They shove passed me and into the foyer. I roll my eyes, and close the door. When I turn around, they're gone.


Since the day I met Macy in third grade, i've been part of their little group. She introduced me to Tiff and Britt later on, and I really thought I wanted to do the kinds of things they did.


"Hello?" I call out as I walk into the livingroom. 


"Up here!" One of the girls call, it's hard to tell which. Their voice comes from up the stairs. I follow it, and find them in my room. All three sit on my bed, examining their nails. 


"What are you doing?" I ask, confused.


"We're going to a party!" Britt exclaims, Macy's twin. Or so it seems. They both have long blonde hair, that spirals down their backs.


"Really? It's Sunday."


"So? We're not going to be that long." Tiff says, flipping her short brunette hair over angular shoulders. 


"Come on, Jenn." Macy says, and smirks her freshly glossed thick lips at me. These are the same words she says every time she wants me to do something, and I fall for it every time. She's said those words to me so many times throughout our friendship, that you'd think i'd be immune to it. But again, they get me.




I toss the wash-cloth into the hamper, and leave the bathroom. I open the closet, to find most of my clothes missing. I never got the laundry done last night. I pull out a light pink halter top with lace, a pair of jean shorts that I hadn't worn since my birthday three months ago, and a plain pair of black ballet flats. 


My phone buzzes, I jog over to the bed and snatch it up. It's a text from Macy. She's my ride to school, and has been since her sixteenth bitrthday when she got her shiney new car. Before, her brother would drive us. He was supposed to be in college, but he dropped out a few months later. As punishment, he had to drive Macy around anywhere she wanted to go.


'We're waiting.' The text reads. I grab my leather Forever 21 bag, and run out of the house and to her car. By the time I get there, i'm out of breath.


"Took long enough." Tiff says with a little smile, and I return it back. Macy shifts into gear, and we pull off toward the school. Just like every other morning.




Macy's car pulls into her designated spot in the parking lot. Nothing is said as we all pile out. Eyes swivel toward us, and I feel a wave of nausea roll over me. The spot isn't exactly designated to her by anybody. It just became 'her spot' when she got her car. A few weeks back a freshman took it, and it was not pretty. Lets just say it involved a lot of yelling. 


Macy takes the front, Tiff and Britt right behind her. I follow close behind, and try to look nomal. Back straight, chin high, right leg comes after the left. On we move through the parking lot. The vision of all the eyes on me never leaves my mind. I can't exactly see it, but the feeling is strong enough. 


As we come up to the front door, it swings open without anyone of us lifting a finger almost like magic. That is one of the good things about being with Macy. It feels as if nothing can hold you back.


The doors slam closed behind me, and I jump a little. I realize it's the door a moment later and relax. Just like clockwork we begin down the hallway, like every other day since freshman year. People make way for the queen and her royal subjects, spreading out along the lockers, except for one little poor freshman. 


Macy and the girl collide, forcing the starbucks cup in Macy's hand to exolode all over her sweater and the girl's face. For a second, everybody stares in awe, knowing what was about to come. The girl stood completely still, not even blinking, latte dripping from her nose and chin, beads of it in her eyelashes making them sparkle.


Macy looked down at her sweater that she had jist proudly showed off in the car, a present from her father when he went on his trip to France. She blinks, looks up at he girl and turns around to us.


"Am I imagining things?" Macy says in a scary calm voice, "Or did someone just spill my latte all over my Coco Chanel sweater?"


"Uhm, Macy that just happened," Britt resonds, who has been known as her 'twin' for years. No, not because they are actually related, but because they talk, dress, and style their hair exactly the same.


"Look what you've done!?" Macy screams, her face flushed. 


"I-I-I'm sorry" The girl stampers, "But you ran into me."


"Excuse me, mouse? Did you just speak?" A crowd was starting to form around the girls, and I was beginning to feel claustrophobic. 


"Here, I'll pay for it to be dry cleaned" The girl tries to wipe some latte off her bag, to no avail. She unzips it and pulls out a few crumpled up dollar bills.


"I don't want your chump change. This is a very expensive outfit, and now it's ruined." 


"Macy," I say, trying to dispirse the crowd "Don't you have an extra outfit in your locker?" 


"Yeah, but I was saving it for after lunch." She says, looking back at me. She looks back at the girl who quickly scurries off, and the crowd seperates. Macy takes her lead at the front and Britt, Tiff, and I follow. 


Just like every other morning. 

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