Maleficent - The Mistress of All Evil?

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  • Published: 2 May 2014
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2015
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Why did Maleficent bestow her 'gift' on Princess Briar Rose? Some believe there is a reason for everything, but no one has asked for one in the case of Maleficent, the mistress of all evil, as that's what she was regarded as. There is a time to blame. There is a time to curse. There is a time to find out the truth of Maleficent.

A different take on the story of Sleeping Beauty, giving a reason for Maleficent's 'evil.'


13. Thorns


   Maleficent's glowing green eyes matched the light flooding out of her fingertips, as thorns violently sprang up in front of her. Her task was to trap the whole kingdom with thorns, so they did not threaten her kingdom, or existence. Maleficent thought she bore no malice to Stefan. He chose to stay with Briar Rose, and Maleficent is only making his wish come as true as the prick of a poignant point. She heard the odd cry of Stefan as the thorns frequently sprang, continuously pricking him as he fought to get back to the castle. Maleficent stood eyeing him as he ran, then shouted:

   "I did it for my ancestors Stefan!" Stefan kept running through the thorns, and Maleficent descended into dark smoke, and reappeared in front of Stefan as he ran, "I did it for the land your ancestors stole from mine," Stefan kept running in a different direction, and Maleficent again appeared, "I did it for the blood shed your ancestors caused," Again he turned, and this time in a dark black and green shade of smoke, Maleficent reappeared, "I did it to avenge my parents!" Maleficent retreated, and this time stayed away as thorns rose, higher, thicker and denser, as dirt that they brought in uproar rose and polluted the once pure and peaceful air.


   Stefan disappeared out of sight, and Maleficent laughed, but did not heartily. She appeared puzzled to the Raven, and bore no pleasure in Stefan's pain.

   "My dear friend. I think all has gone too far," Maleficent turned and sat down on a tree log, as the thorns rose and blocked out the sunlight, "I feel I am not bad, my friend. But I feel that is what I have become," Her face fell, and her eyes filled with emotion, "I turned my home into a rotting slab of stone, and charmed myself to grow these horns, all to ward away those who may want to harm me. Instead I find myself enclosed in my own shell, and shut out from everything else... now I curse an innocent baby. I have always said, that our ancestors fought. That baby knows nothing of it. That baby is only a weapon of war.  Oh, Raven. This has taken too strong of me. Too much of my livelihood and emotion. I was once beautiful, free and oblivious to hatred. Now I am the embodiment of it." Above the thorns stopped twisting and stood still, high above the ground as it's growth stunted.


    In the distance she saw the flickering lights of Stefan's castle, and again thought of the dead Briar Rose. 

   "I did not curse the child to die. But I feel being asleep until the end of time is a preserved death. What should I do? I was once a child. Naive. Briar Rose was also sweet, naive. There is still hope for her yet. A hope to unite our kingdoms. I blame her for the butchering of my ancestors. When she could be the key," The Raven squawked, agreeing with Maleficent, "But how to get to her? If anyone see's me they shall tear me to pieces. I must appear unbeaten, as a creature they have no chance to defeat, so they surrender. I must get to her. If I overpower Stefan,  and I can, I can get to her," Maleficent stood and light flooded from her hands, "A creature that has no competition, and shall pass through the thorns with ease… into a dragon."

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