Maleficent - The Mistress of All Evil?

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  • Published: 2 May 2014
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2015
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Why did Maleficent bestow her 'gift' on Princess Briar Rose? Some believe there is a reason for everything, but no one has asked for one in the case of Maleficent, the mistress of all evil, as that's what she was regarded as. There is a time to blame. There is a time to curse. There is a time to find out the truth of Maleficent.

A different take on the story of Sleeping Beauty, giving a reason for Maleficent's 'evil.'


7. The Prophecy of Briar Rose



   Years past, and Maleficent seemed to disappear from the King's eyes. His focus was only Briar Rose, as the red fairy predicted, and Maleficent hoped. War did not break out, but all feared the day she would turn sixteen. However many welcomed the day, as it had been said many things were special about the young Princess. Simply the fact that she was the only one in the kingdom who had golden hair and lips as fair and red as the rose. Some even said she was destined, and that the land had began to respond again, and more to the point, live again. People told the King that they saw the Princess go out at night, and coax the Night Fairies to leave their nests in the tree's. Stefan took into account these rumours, and enlisted the help of a man to give him answers. He was a short bald man, and although he suffered from blindness, he said he could sense the ball, and Stefan trusted him. He was called Greith, and was often referred to as 'the dwarf,' as that's what he was. As well as a dwarf, he was bald, but had straggly bits of hair on the sides of his head. As rumours of the Princess began to grow further, Stefan regularly met with Greith.


   Again today he met with him, and Stefan waited at the front gates of the castle. From behind him he heard running footsteps, and light taps on the floor. He looked to his right and waited to see who it was.

   "Father! Father!" It was of course Briar Rose, and on hearing her voice Stefan turned round and caught her as she ran, gripping her in a tight hug, "Father! Father put me down!" Stefan did so, him and his daughter grinning.

   "How could I ever let go of a daughter with such beauty?"

   "Would mother have said the same?" The winter before last was perhaps the cruellest in memory, as Briar Rose's mother passed away. The King's grief had again pushed the prospect of war away even more, and he hadn't suspected that Maleficent could be involved. Stefan sighed at the thought of Leah.

  "Of course... what brings you out at this hour?"

   "I wanted to go into the wood, father, please say I can go!" The King felt that this would be a good idea to watch his daughter from the shadows, so Greith could shed more light.

  "Anything for you, my golden girl." Briar Rose smiled and kissed her father on the cheek and ran laughing into the wood. Stefan's smile faded, as he knew in a matter of months his fifteen year old would be sixteen. From behind him, Stefan heard a gruff voice.

  "My Lord."

  "Greith. Stefan said, without turning round, thank you for coming."

  "Where is the girl?" Greith asked, keen to observe the much talked about Princess.

  "Follow the path." Stefan said, and as Greith looked to the floor beside the King, he noticed rose's springing up leading in a  straight line into the wood, and guessed that this was the Princess's doing.

  "I see," Greith said, following the King into the wood, "So, what has been said."

  "Many things," The King started "From rose's spring up, and even a golden sphere in the sky. As well as the effect she has on people, they are happier, and the animals and nature are the same."

  "The big ball of gold in the sky, I see it is called the Sun. The Pincess has a love for it, does she not?"

  "The sun?" Stefan asked, "Whenever the Sun is present, which is more and more now, she will always ask if she can go and play. Ever since she was a child. The sun... if that is what it is, then I see light the colour of the Sun flow out of her hair."


  "Yes. Why is her hair that colour Greith? Leah and I do not possess it."

   "Stefan, you have eyes but you do not see. You who have loved and cared for her the longest. She is destined to end the darkness."

   "You have said that before Greith, but what does it mean?"

   "All those who are destined for greatness, have a day in which their powers come forth. Her day of destiny is not here yet, but is fast approaching."

   "Do you feel it is to do with Maleficent's spindle?"

   "Yes," As they kept walking, the realised the line of rose's ended, and through the bushes they saw a flood of blue light, and when they looked up they saw Briar Rose, conversing with a night fairy. The fairy glowed blue, and to Briar Rose's delight, several swirled around her, and flew in the sky. She ran after them and danced with them, laughing, and smiling the smile that was known throughout the palace.

  "What is it?" Stefan asked Greith.

  "Nature. And it is living again. If you stepped in there, those fairies would run. They fear humans, but not this girl. She has the hair as golden as the Sun, which she has love for. Her lips shame the red red rose, which spring up from her feet. She is the one. She will heal the land, and restore life to North, and the South. When she becomes of age, whatever age she may be. When her day of destiny comes, she will fulfill this prophecy. This is the prophecy of Briar Rose."


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