Maleficent - The Mistress of All Evil?

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  • Published: 2 May 2014
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2015
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Why did Maleficent bestow her 'gift' on Princess Briar Rose? Some believe there is a reason for everything, but no one has asked for one in the case of Maleficent, the mistress of all evil, as that's what she was regarded as. There is a time to blame. There is a time to curse. There is a time to find out the truth of Maleficent.

A different take on the story of Sleeping Beauty, giving a reason for Maleficent's 'evil.'


6. The Last Gift



   The green light finally left the cot, as all in the hall stared in horror. Leah took a deep breath and looked over to her child, who thankfully was pleasantly sleeping. She sighed with relief, as Briar Rose was safe for now. It took the little red fairy to break the silence.

   "My dear King," She said softly, "I will try to help the Princess with my gift." Stefan nodded as he stared sadly at his daughter, as the red fairy gestured for him to move away. She leant into the cot, and whispered to the baby. She had a tough decision. She could save Briar Rose, or save the whole dynasty. The second option being the cost of Briar Rose.


   The other fairies knew what she was thinking, and one the blue fairy shook her head, while the green nodded. This was of course unhelpful, and so the red fairy did what she thought she had to do.

   "Sweet Princess. On the night of your sixteenth birthday, you will fall into a troubled sleep. However, Maleficent could've taken another approach, but did not to protect herself. She knows that Stefan will think that he can wake you as you are just asleep, and be so preoccupied with you that he won't start war, as she has no army. But Princess, war must be started. Maleficent will always be a threat, and the only way to ensure that Stefan knows that for sure is through you," The red fairy smiled a bittersweet smile, "The reason she wants you to sleep is to cut the blood line, so no more descendants of King Stefan and Queen Leah can claim her land. Sweet Princess, I give you the gift of saving your dynasty, and forever having peace after death. When pricking your finger on the spindle, you shall pass to heaven, not sleep. This way Stefan will go to war with Maleficent and win because of the grief of losing you. Maleficent will lose, and your dynasty will be saved. I'm so sorry, sweet Princess." The red fairy waved her wand round the cot, with a solemn face. She then flew away and fluttered with the other fairies, all lowering their heads. Stefan did not hear the gift, but with sad faces him and Leah went to watch their sleeping child, and began to cherish every moment with her.

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