Maleficent - The Mistress of All Evil?

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  • Published: 2 May 2014
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2015
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Why did Maleficent bestow her 'gift' on Princess Briar Rose? Some believe there is a reason for everything, but no one has asked for one in the case of Maleficent, the mistress of all evil, as that's what she was regarded as. There is a time to blame. There is a time to curse. There is a time to find out the truth of Maleficent.

A different take on the story of Sleeping Beauty, giving a reason for Maleficent's 'evil.'


8. The Eve of Her Sixteenth Birthday



   More time passed, to the point when it was penultimate day. The Eve of Briar Rose's birthday. Maleficent sat in her castle, where she had been seated for sixteen years. She looked forward to tomorrow, as the Princess would fall, and she would get revenge on Stefan for the pain he caused her parents. She felt no remorse to the girl, only hatred for Stefan. She did however wish that the day came sooner, as Maleficent had grown suspicious of the girl's golden hair, and effect she was having on the land. Her beauty was known throughout the palace of Stefan, and the land around Maleficent's castle had gradually began to wake up again. 


   Maleficent had however been watching the Princess, and witnessed her tears over the death of her mother, Leah, which Maleficent had caused. Two years ago, Stefan was running out of ideas to prevent Maleficent's curse, and nearly had turned to war. Maleficent's Raven reported back to her, and Maleficent activated a device causing the Queen's death. At the christening, Leah was pushed back from Briar Rose's cot because of Maleficent's green light surrounding her. It then had remained dormant inside Leah, and with a bang of her staff, the light consumed her heart, causing Leah instant death. 


  The Moon rose, and Maleficent stayed seated in her chair, as blue light flooded down from above. She began to pet the Raven and stroke it, as she knew her day of victory was coming.

  "Tomorrow my pet," She laughed, "We find Briar Rose, and activate the charm I used all those years ago, using my own!"

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