Dream, Reality & Future: {IISuperWomanII FanFic}

A short comic story about myself an Superwoman a.k.a Lilly Singh. Read on to find out what happens...

PLEASE READ ---> *Can I just say, please watch her videos (if you already don't), she is awesome and certainly one of my favourite YouTubers. I love her to bits and she is my idol! The line that is at the end in italics is something that she always says at the end of her video's. and the first line at the start is how she always starts her videos. So I have tried to do it in a video, but written format. Hope that shows through.*

(This is entered into the Movellas DigiFest Competition)


1. Dream, Reality & Future

“Waddup everyone! It’s your girl Superwoman…”


“Hey Lilly!” I burst into her room screaming. “Lilly, Lilly, Lilly!” I clambered onto her bed and started jumping up and down; the excitement was too much. It seemed like the world was jumping up and down with me, like all the surroundings were excited about this as much as I was. A scowl appeared on Lilly’s face, causing me to slow down and plop myself on her bed, sticking my feet outwards.

“You do realise I was just filming a video right?” Lilly glared at me and indicated to her camera with a slight jerk of her head. Her big brown eyes were wide and her jaws were clenched. I gulped and stared between her and the camera standing on a tripod.

“Lilly, I..” I started to make some kind of excuse as to why I barged in her room like a herd of elephants were behind me. However, before I could get another two words out, she started to speak again.

“I told you I would be filming a video.” Lilly crossed both arms and tipped her head towards the side. Her ‘SUPER’ snapback slid a little off her head and threatened to fall off. I couldn’t resist the urge to laugh. As much as she was serious, I knew this was just a façade. “It’s Super Thursday and all my fans are counting on a new video.” Lilly told me.

I just rolled my eyes and held up the scrunched up piece of paper in my hand. Her eyes bounced back and forth between my face and the paper. The confused expression was enough for me to know that she had already forgotten about what she was about to discover. Indicating for her to take it, I let the paper go and in the blink of an eye it was transferred to her own hands.

“What is this?” Lilly asked, opening up the paper hastily. I didn’t reply but just waited for her to read the words on what was in front of her. Soon her expression changed from irritated to content. Slowly the corners of her mouth turned up into a big toothy, goofy smile. 

Lilly hesitated, “I-is this a-actually it?” she asked in disbelief. I nodded with satisfaction. All my work for the past week had finally become worth it. Lilly turned her happy gaze on me. I could see tears of joy welling up in her eyes and she was about to advance towards me. Oh no, she was coming towards me, before I had the chance to escape, her arms wrapped around me in a unicorn hug.

“Ouch Lilly! You’re squishing me!” I struggled to breathe, while she repeated her thanks over and over again.

“Sorry!” she squeaked, pulling away. I sighed in relief of not being squished to death from one of her unicorn hugs.  “So this is it!” Now Lilly was the one jumping around on her bed. I knew she would be as excited about me. After all this was a big thing, for both of us.

Confused as to what why we’re behaving this way? Well let’s travel back in time shall we.

Approximately one week ago

“J.K. Panesar! Oh JK!” Lilly called into my room. I sat on my bed with my glasses on the edge of my nose, looking up from my laptop, at the melodic entrance that Lilly had just made. She held her laptop in her hands and looked at me excitedly.

Oh boy this better be good.

“Hello and welcome Lilly Singh, to the room of J.K. Panesar.” I greeted in a posh voice. “How may I help you today?” I asked, as she strolled into my room with her long hair swishing behind her back.

Lilly took a seat on my bed next to me and grinned at me from ear to ear. I pulled a straight face at her. “Seriously Lilly. What do you want?” I questioned sharply.

You see I was in the middle of writing my new novel about angels and demons. I was practically in the zone of my own fantasy world. Since I was pulled out of it, I wanted to get back in the zone so I could finish this novel.

“No needs to be so mean my little unicorn.” Lilly answered still smiling. I rolled my eyes. At this point I think she saw my irritation and thrust her own laptop into my hands. At first I was startled at her actions and then I glanced at the screen.

She was on the Movellas website. It was a popular site where I mingled with my fans and published drafts of my work for people to read. I loved Movellas, because I was an author. Just like Lilly loves YouTube because she is a YouTuber; she’s also known as IISuperWomanII. We’re both very well know, well she is just a bit more well-known than me. Okay, okay, she is more well know than be my millions of people.

Anyway, back to the flashback. I looked at the Movellas webpage screen and it seemed to be on the competition page. I read that there was a DigiFest competition that you could win tickets to go and attend the event. Of course this was a big deal for me, but not so much Lilly, or should I say Superwoman. Superwoman was a guest at the event anyway, so why was she excited?

“Read on?” she urged... and so I did. Turns out one of the things I could do to enter was writing about one of my favourite YouTubers. Then I got it. I was an author (or classed myself as an author), she was a YouTuber… mix them together and there you have an entry! It was an amazing idea.

I looked towards Lilly; she grinned at me from ear to ear. “What do you think?” she urged me.

“I think it’s a pretty cool competition, but why do you want me to write it so bad?” I asked her sceptical of the situation.

Lilly slumped her shoulders. “Truth be told J.K. I want you to write a novel about me; Superwoman!” she cheered and then looked at me longingly and hopeful.

Oh no that puppy dog face isn’t going to work on me.

“Why?” I asked subconsciously. Lilly sighed and began to speak again.

“Because I want to be a character in a book. You promised you’d write about me, but you never did, and now you have the perfect opportunity to!” she further explained. I narrowed my eyes at the Movellas competition page about DigiFest…

If I did go ahead with this, what harm will it do! I will be writing about my favourite YouTuber and I may even get a chance to go to DigiFest! Not that Lilly is going to take me, because she has already invited her family to attend and there are a certain amount of people the guests of DigiFest can invite. So that was a rule out for me. It was up to me to write about Superwoman and get those DigiFest tickets!

So here I am now guys; sitting in Lilly Singh’s room, on her bed ogling at the story that I wrote about her. It’s fair to say she is pleased.

“Ah! You made me a superhero just like the actual Superwoman!” Lilly screamed beside me, bouncing on the bed with joy. I laughed at her actions as she read over the typed lines over and over again.

“Do you like it?” I asked, hopeful. She stopped bouncing and looked at me sternly. For a moment then I thought she went all serious because she didn’t like something I wrote, but then she cracker her goofy smile and I knew that she loved it.

“J.K. Panesar…” she paused, “I not only like it…” another pause, “But I love it! Thank you so much!” she grasped me in another one of her unicorn hugs again.

Oh no, can’t breathe.

Just before I was about to faint of suffocation, Lilly let me go and stared at the paper in her hand once more. “Did you enter it in the competition?” she asked, delighted.

“Yes.” I replied short and simple.

“Let’s hope you win then, eh. I’d love to come see me at DigiFest.” She said calmly looking directly at me.

“One can only hope. However, even if I don’t get the tickets, it’s not that much of a bigger deal. You can send me pictures of how it was.” I smiled at her.

Suddenly the whole room started spinning. I couldn’t feel anything, not the bed I sat on, not the presence of Lilly. The colour around me was draining and going blurry.

“What’s happening?!” I yelled. I felt like I was floating in mid-air, inside a grey never ending tunnel. Lilly was gone, I wasn’t in her room anymore and what’s worse is I didn’t know where I was.

I suddenly felt my stomach push upwards, I was falling. I was falling from nowhere to nowhere.  “Help!” I shouted, but I felt my voice fade. “Lilly, help me?!” I called and called but no one came.

Then I heard a voice. It was a soft voice, and familiar voice that I knew. “Darling.” They called softly. I felt myself walking on air towards where the sound was coming from. “Darling, don’t worry I’m right here.” They whispered to me.


“Ahhh!” I screamed sitting up in my bed. My hair was slick with sweat and clung to my forehead. My back was damp and I felt a shiver crawl up my spine. I breathed heavily.

“Darling it’s okay.” My mother said. She was sat on the edge of my bed and next to her was my little sister with a toy drum in her hand.

I rolled my eyes and groaned. It was a dream; a good dream at that. I was with my YouTuber idol, Superwoman, also known as Lilly Singh, both one and the same. Imagine if I wrote about her and actually entered it into the competition on Movellas. Imagine if I really got the tickets, I would actually get to meet her! I lay back down in bed and sighed, as my mum and sister exited my room.

Maybe this was a sign. You know what; first thing tomorrow I'm going to write about this dream. It’s a story about Superwoman herself, and my experience. I could turn this into a short story any day, and hope for the best! 

"One Love, Superwoman, that is a wrap & ZOOP!"

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