Bestfriend or Soul Mate?

Andrea and Chris have been bestfriends since the second grade. When they was juniors they bought a house together. It wasn't nothing serious at first but they were always off and on. Then they became ''friends with benefits.'' Andrea is in love with Chris but doesn't know if Chris loves her. But Chris is in love with Andrea and he doesn't know if Andrea is in love with him. That question is the main focus on everything. If they are together or just doing what they continue to do. A baby comes into the picture and things comes down to reality. Find out what happens by reading Bestfriend or Soul Mate? *Book has serious SEXUAL content and much intensity. Also note that there is fowl language also*


3. Chapter 3:❤️

(Andrea's POV)

We pull up to an abandoned building, tall and made off bricks with glass windows and a small food truck in front of it. "Where are we?", I asked unlocking my hands from his. "Just trust me", he said and smiled.

He better be right about whatever he was taking me. This building looks familiar but I think I'm just thinking of another place.

"Alright", I said back. Chris got out of the car and made his way around to my side to open mine. Grabbing my hand he pulled me up off the seat. "May I place my arm around your neck", Chris asked politely. I smiled, "Of course." His arm fell gently on my frail shoulders as we walked closer to this building. We got to the door and it was locked. Chris grabbed a rock from the ground and busted the lock. "What are you doing, it's locked for a reason," I let out. "Chris", he ignored me. It was a typical fall day closer to night so I was kinda cold. I could see the a little bit of frost in the air as I breadth. "Chris.. I'm cold, what are you doing?" "Let's go", he finally said something back. He gestured his hand out toward me for me to grab it and I did. We walked through a dark hallway and then we got to a set of stairs. "You expect me to climb them," I said. "It's only like 300 steps nothing big," Chris said back chuckling. He started walking and I followed. "What are we doing? Are we going to get in trouble? Chris answer me, you know I can't get in trouble." All these questions shot out of my mouth while getting closer to the top. Chris stopped and pushed me against the wall on the last flight of steps before the top. "Stop asking questions for once, and just trust me," he said then leaned in to kiss me. He held my hand up to the last landing and finally we got there. "Chris, wait don't leave me," I said as Chris walked a small distance away from me. I heard light switches flick on and the room lit up. "It was so beautiful, I didn't know what to say."


Sorry I haven't updated in a while and sorry again for this short chapter it was just a filler and it's getting closer to where he took her!!

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