Bestfriend or Soul Mate?

Andrea and Chris have been bestfriends since the second grade. When they was juniors they bought a house together. It wasn't nothing serious at first but they were always off and on. Then they became ''friends with benefits.'' Andrea is in love with Chris but doesn't know if Chris loves her. But Chris is in love with Andrea and he doesn't know if Andrea is in love with him. That question is the main focus on everything. If they are together or just doing what they continue to do. A baby comes into the picture and things comes down to reality. Find out what happens by reading Bestfriend or Soul Mate? *Book has serious SEXUAL content and much intensity. Also note that there is fowl language also*


2. Chapter 2:

{Andrea's P.O.V.}

''Good morning beautiful'', Chris said while running his fingers through my soft hair. ''Good morning handsome'', I said back at him. He smiled and kissed my shoulder and headed towards the bathroom. Suddenly I heard funky music coming from the bathroom. Then I heard the bathroom door opened and I turned around. Chris was standing there naked dancing around and asking stupid. ''You know you like this'', he said singing out the words going to the beat. I laughed and covered my eyes, slightly peeking, then covering them again. He ran and jump on me, still singing to the song. I pushed him off of me laughing but he didn't get off. I rolled us off the bed and he started tickling me. I got up and Chris's t-shirt fell to my knees once again. I went down stairs as Chris took a shower and got ready.

{Chris's P.O.V.}

As I was walking down the stairs drying my hair with a towel I smelt food. I scattered down the stairs faster to see food. ''Eat up'', Andrea says putting 3 chocolate chip pancakes some bacon, home fries, and eggs on my plate. Yes I can eat alot. ''Shit, I split pancake batter all over the shirt'', Andrea says as the batter starts dripping down her legs. She slowly took off my/her shirt and was just standing there with a black laced bra, and her black thong. I was checking her out up and down. She grabbed the towel I used to dry my hair and wet the corner and bent over so she can wipe the batter off her leg. Her ass was in the air and my eyes were glued to her body. She bent back up and saw me staring, '' What?'' she chuckled. ''Nothing'', I replied back. She took my plate and placed it into the sink. I got up and made my way around the counter finding my self holding Andrea's hips. She turnt around a tapped my nose, ''Aw you naughty boy. I made you breakfast and now your ready to get some from your best friend'', she says pouting out her lip. ''Well I was just hoping for later, but then you took my shirt off and started flashing around so I couldn't resist myself for a little morning sex.'' ''Well, then your just going to have to catch me if you want some of this'', then quickly started to run into the living room. I chased her around the kitchen table, upstairs, and then into the living room until I got her when I climbed over the couch. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. We fell onto the couch and started laughing. We both paused for a moment both biting our lips and gazing into each others eyes and up and down our body's. I started to take off her shirt and then un-clipped her bra. She slipped down my sweats until they fell to my knees and kicked them off. ''I don't think you're ready for this'', she said clenching her nails on my V-line softly. ''Oh really, let's find out', I said. She pulled down my boxers and looked up at me. Then she flipped her hair back and tilted her head holding a grip onto my dick. She put her tongue onto it and starting licking the tip. At first my impression was she sucked and didn't no how to give a blow job. Until she put the whole thing into her mouth and started sucking it. I started groaning and then I sat onto the couch. I got in between my legs and started going again. I started groaning even more and becoming so hard. She stood up and her boobs fell in place. I slipped down her thong and brought her body closer to mine kissing her small V-line. I sat her onto the couch and she lifted her legs. I started kissing her inner thighs and then eating her out. She stroked my hair gently with her fingers, pushing my head closer in her pussy. She started moaning and arching her body. She was rubbing her hands down my body taunting me. Trying to tell me she was wet enough for the dick. I sat down again and she climbed onto my lap.


{Andrea's P.O.V.}

I started riding on his dick, and making him groan louder and louder. I started to get and orgasm and started moving faster up and down. ''Ohh-myy-god''. ''I wasn't ready for this.'' he said. I stopped riding and began giving him hickeys on his neck. Our lips connected and we began making out. I started moving slowly while we were kissing so he wouldn't get soft inside me. ''Mmm'', he groaned. I chuckled and got off his lap. I bent over the edge of the couch and he came behind me and slowly inserted his dick as deep as it can go. I felt it in my stomach, and it felt so good. I closed my eyes and let my body feel the pleasure as he thrusted back in forth inside of me. ''Dont nut inside of me'', I said. He kept thrsuting and said, ''Don't worry Im a pro'', and winked. After awhile of changing positions we both sat on the couch. ''Drea'', he sighed. I smirked at him, ''What nick.'' ''You.. are.. the best best friend someone can have. You're everything I need.'' I smiled wondering if he was serious ''Shut up nick, stop playing.'' We both laughed and I got up. I walked by him and his eyes followed my ass. ''Damn!'' He quickly jumped up and followed me upstairs. I pushed him down onto the bed and straddled my self on his lap. I didn't try anything but his dick was still hard and when I got onto of him it automatically inserted. ''Was you being serious'', I said tracing his abs. ''About what,'' he answered back. ''Me being everything you needed.'' ''Yeah why,'' he asked. ''Oh nothing.'' I moved and he groaned softly. When I got up his dick slipped out and fell forward onto his stomach. ''Your so cute'', I said pulling out clothes from our dresser. He put his hands around his head and crossed my bottom of his feet. ''Nah, you are.'' I hopped into the shower and got ready. When I got out Nick was all dressed up. He was wearing black cargo skinny jeans with a denim flannel shirt and his light brown sperry's. The funny thing was I was wearing black leggings with a white tank top, my denim flannel un buttoned and my light brown sperry's. ''I see someone checked to see what I was wearing.'' ''Yeah I kinda watched you get dressed then got dressed when I seen you doing your hair.'' he said. ''Wanna go some where'', I asked. ''Actually, I already have something in mind'', he said giving me a playful look. I grabbed some money from my dresser and he grabbed his wallet and put it in his pocket. ''My car or yours'', I asked. ''Mines'', he replied. He grabbed his keys and we both grabbed our phones and went to the car. ''Where are you taking me'' I asked smiling at him. ''Don't worry'', he said while leaning over the middle arm compartment. He grabbed my face and stared into my eyes then kissed me. Our lips were locked onto eachothers for about a minute. Then he turned on the radio and started the car. ''I love you.. best friend'', he winked and our hands locked.

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