Bestfriend or Soul Mate?

Andrea and Chris have been bestfriends since the second grade. When they was juniors they bought a house together. It wasn't nothing serious at first but they were always off and on. Then they became ''friends with benefits.'' Andrea is in love with Chris but doesn't know if Chris loves her. But Chris is in love with Andrea and he doesn't know if Andrea is in love with him. That question is the main focus on everything. If they are together or just doing what they continue to do. A baby comes into the picture and things comes down to reality. Find out what happens by reading Bestfriend or Soul Mate? *Book has serious SEXUAL content and much intensity. Also note that there is fowl language also*


1. Chapter 1: Fair WARNING begins in Sexual Content!

He picked me up and pushed me against the wall. As he started kissing my neck gently, i wrapped my legs around his waist. He made his way down to my upper chest kissing my cleavage making me slightly moan. ''Oh my god'', I said with sexiness. We made are way to our bed, with him still holding me in the same position. He pushed his body closer to mine as he lifted my left leg over his back. He began to kiss me more violently with his tongue intertwining with mine. He quickly lifted my shit and undo my bra because he couldn't wait to get at this. I unbuckled his jeans and he kicked them off. I lifted up his shirt and traced his abs while biting my lip. He was so god damn sexy. He used his teeth to pull off my thong and then he began kissing my inner thighs. I arched relevantly until I moaned. He began moving his tongue around in circular motion on my clit. Then he stuck his tongue inside of my whole. ''ahh!'' I let out a loud scream/moan I held his head, shoving it closer into me so I can feel more pleasure. Once I had and orgasm he slid up my body grinding his chest onto mine. He flipped over and layed on his back. I already new what he was going to say. ''Come on beautiful, get on top'', he whispered as he winked'' I climbed on top of him and started riding. As Im still riding faster and faster I flipped my hair to one side and lowered my head down to his neck. He groaned as I gave him hickey's all over his neck. ''You are the best i've ever had'', I whispered in his ear as i began to twerk on his dick. He smiles and says ''I love you.'' I put that thought through my head wondering if he really mean't it or if he was saying it as a friend thing. Then changed to another position (doggy style) bending over he inserted his dick inside of me. Thrusting back and forth he warned me he was going to cum. He pulled out and cummed on my back. He inserted his dick again and thrusted faster and faster. ''ooh-m-myy-gg-god'', I let out as my body was rocking forward and back. He pulled out again and i turned over on my back. He layed on the side of me and I layed my head on his bare chest. His dick was slowly becoming soft again, and I seen it lower. I giggled. I looked up at him and said ''how do you do it so perfect. You make me feel everything, in my stomach.'' He glanced back and chuckled using his right hand to push my hair out of my face, ''It's not just me beautiful, you help me out alot cause you know we fool quite often. ''Im going to take a shower,'' I said. I got up from the bed still nude and walk towards our closet. He got up also and walked over to it to. I grabbed a thong and one of his large t-shirts. ''Damn, you look so fine right now'', he said biting his lip. I smiled and started for the bathroom. He smacked my ass as biting his lip and glanced up and down at my body. Then he said before i shut the door, ''keep up the good work, ima taste you tomorrow'' I chuckled and then shut the door to the bathroom. About 5 minutes with me entering the shower I hear the door open. I peek out the shower door and I see Chris glance at me biting his lip. ''Do you mine if I join you.'' ''Not at all,'' I opened the door so her can step in. He kisses my shoulder and we stand there for a moment letting to steaming hot water drip down our body's. He washed his hair as did I, he rinsed first then me second. He laughed, ''what'', I said chuckling back. ''Nothing your just so god damn beautiful'', he said making me blush. I turn off the water and we both step out of the shower. Handing him a towel, he hands me one at the same time. We both laughed as he wrapped his towel around his waste and I wrapped mine around my hair after drying my body. I slipped up my thongs and he pulled his t-shirt over my head. It fell to my knees that's how big it was. ''I love when you wear my clothes'', he exclaimed. I giggled and he playfully nudged my arm with his boney elbow. I walked out the bathroom and waited for him to be done shaving his side burns. I layed in the bed and he walked out of the bathroom. ''Looking good'', I stated as he walked over to the bed and layed beside me. We made out for a while in the dark and then he lifted the blankets over our heads and we cuddled. Still kissing him momentarily, he wrapped his arms around me as our boy's cupped into the same positions. He waited until I was asleep and then he fell asleep as well. ''

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