Hermione Granger and the Philosopher's stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone written from the perspective of Hermione Granger.

Hermione Granger is an extraordinary little girl. Ever since she was a toddler she's been making things happen that would cause the other boys and girls in the playground turn their heads, not to mention the looks of horror from their parents. Not only is there something strange about Hermione, but she also happens to be the cleverest little girl her primary school has ever had.

A week into the summer holidays, Hermione receives a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
She's always known she was different, but now Hermione has found a place where she truly belongs.

Follow her along her journey, making new friends, learning new things and exceeding tremendously in her school work, but what will happen when she learns the secrets of the Wizarding world?


8. Wondering

Returning home, the car was full of my new things; we'd bought a trunk for me to store everything in, which took up most of the boot space. Madam Douglas had also picked up a new cauldron and filled it with ingredients from the apothecary, making everything even more squashed. But I didn't care. I spent the ride home flicking through my new books - starting with Hogwarts: A History.

By the time we arrived home the sky was a navy blue, dotted with stars and as I got out of the car I couldn't help but sigh at the wonderful sight.

Mum ushers me inside, as Dad and Hazel follow. I run upstairs to my bedroom and flop down on my bed. Today has been, well, magical. Pulling on my pajamas, I wonder more about Hogwarts, about what it'll be like and what house I'll be in. Hufflepuff doesn't sound too bad, but Ravenclaw sounds exceptional. It says in Hogwarts; A History that there's a sorting ceremony and I wonder out loud what will happen.

"Will there be tests?" I ask my mirror, as I brush out my bushy hair. "I'll need to practise on the train - definitely. I'll have to meet up with Neville and ask him." I daydream about my future school as I finish brushing my hair. I set down the brush and walk over to my bed, picking up my purple diary. I haven't written in so long, but I feel I need to add an entry today.

'Dear friend,' I write. 'Today has been exceptionally wonderful. Madam Douglas introduced herself this morning and took us to Diagon Alley. I was overwhelmed by everything - especially the books!' I add. As I ponder over what to put next, Mum calls me down to the kitchen. I leave my diary and pen on my bed, and decide to finish writing later.

"Take this into the sitting room, would you dear?" Mum asks, handing me a tray carrying the teapot and three cups. I smile as I see Hazel is sat on the sofa, demonstrating magic to Dad. I place down the tray and sit next to her.

"Reparo." She says, flicking her wand towards a broken photo frame, sat on our mantelpiece. I don't quite remember it being broken, but I ignore this, pleading for more.

"Oh, just one more then," Hazel smiles. "Orchideous." She flicks her wrist and conjures a beautiful bouquet of lilies from the tip of her wand. I gasp and clasp my hands together, as Mum walks in.

"Oh, how lovely!" Mum smiles, her face lighting up as she's presented with her favourite flowers. She takes them from Hazel and rushes into the kitchen, presumably to find a vase.

"Could you teach me that one?" Dad jokes, pouring tea into the three cups. "Lilies are her favourite," He smiles. "She had them in her wedding bouquet." He looks up at the newly-fixed frame on the mantelpiece, bearing a picture of Mum and Dad on their wedding day.

Mum enters the room carrying the vase of lilies and places them on the windowsill.

"Come on then, Hermione. I think it's time for bed." I yawn, before saying goodnight to Madam Douglas, and make my way upstairs.


Over the next week I pack and re-pack my trunk multiple times, making sure that everything is ready for September 1st. Pulling out my copy of Hogwarts: A History for the tenth time today, I flick through until I find the Great Hall.

"The Great Hall can be found off the Main Entrance to Hogwarts and is the dominant space for activities such as; dining, duelling, examinations and banquets. The sorting ceremony takes place here, in front of the first-year's prospective houses."

"Yes, but what is the sorting ceremony?" I ask, impatiently. I carry on reading and come to one of my favourite passages.

"The Great Hall, being a magnificent space in which the start-of-term feast takes place, could be considered as 'the heart' of Hogwarts. It's high, enchanted ceiling reflects the sky outside, making it seem like one is truly beneath the stars. Candles flicker above one's head, floating peacefully; reflecting in each person's face and inviting a warm, relaxing atmosphere." I can picture it as I mouth the words, squinting at the tiny, moving photograph at the top of the page.

I sigh to myself, thinking I've only a week left before I finally arrive. I flick back a page, looking for the section on Kings Cross Station.

"In order to travel to Hogwarts, students must board the Hogwarts Express. A scarlet steam engine with enchanted carriages, the Hogwarts Express will take one safely to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, being the only form of transportation to the school that is advised. The train is boarded from Kings Cross Station, away from prying eyes, on Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. The entrance is magically concealed from Muggle view, located behind the barrier of Muggle Platforms Nine and Ten." I skim down and re-read how to get onto the platform.

"In order to get onto Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, one must run, or walk - if confident, directly at the solid-seeming metal ticket box dividing Platforms Nine and Ten. A guard is present on September 1st in order to regulate entries and exits from the platform."

I shut the volume and place it on top of my second favourite book - A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration. I speculate about picking it up, but I decide that I'd better go and visit Hazel - she said that she'd demonstrate more magic to me today, but only if I came before twelve o'clock. I glance at my brown, leather wristwatch to check that I'm on time - it's precisely eleven thirty-five, and if I hurry I can reach Madam Douglas' house before twenty to.

I pull on my navy skirt and tights and slip on my favourite purple jumper, before brushing my teeth and wrenching a brush through my extremely thick hair. I fasten up my black Mary Janes and shout goodbye to Mum and Dad as I rush across the road. Within seconds I'm outside Madam Douglas' front door, breathing heavily and brushing down my skirt. I knock the small, yellow door and wait, catching my breath, until Hazel greets me with a smile.

"Morning dearie!"

"Good morning Hazel," I reply. And it really is. The sun is shining and there's not a cloud in the crystal blue sky. I love August weather.

"How are you, this morning?" She asks, welcoming me inside.

"Excited!" I say, breathlessly. I step into her home and am greeted by a musty, perfumed smell. As we walk into the living room my eyes have to adjust to the darkness; the only light is coming through a gap in the closed curtains.

"I can tell!" She chuckles. "Make yourself at home."


An hour later I've learnt approximately twenty new spells. Madam Douglas showed me most of the top spells in Miranda Goshawk's 'The Standard Book of Spells Grade 1', including 'Lumos' (the wand-lighting charm), 'Vestibula' (the cushioning charm) and 'Alohamora' (the unlocking charm).

Hazel also introduces me to her tawny owl, Ibis, and her black and white cat, Murelegus. At one o'clock she brings in a tray carrying a loaf of bread and a block of butter. She sets it down and offers me a slice.

"Can you get it to magically slice and bread itself?" I ask, in awe.

"Mm, sort of. Watch." She waves her wand and a bread knife appears, slicing two pieces of bread from the loaf. She waves it again and a butter knife appears, taking chunks out of the butter and spreading it on the bread. I giggle, hardly believing what is happening before my eyes, and accept the bread.

"Tea?" She asks, a teapot floating in from the kitchen.

"No, thank you," I decline. "But, do you have any of that butterbeer?" I ask, politely. A beer bottle flies in from the kitchen and I catch it, a shrill going through me as the cold glass comes in contact with my skin. "It's cold!?" I exclaim.

"But just as delicious!"

"Is it actually beer, Hazel?"

"Not really, but it has severe effects on house-elves if they drink too much," She replies, shaking her head. "You don't want to know how I came to learn so." She smiles a little and suddenly stands up. "Let's go outside. It's a beautiful day!"

We spend the next half an hour outside, talking about the Wizarding World, until I realise the time and decide that it's best if I go home, so as not to be late for dinner.


A week passes and each day my excitement increases. As we get nearer and nearer September 1st I feel butterflies in my stomach; a mixture of excitement and nerves about my upcoming adventure.

Finally, Saturday 31st August arrives, and we find ourselves knocking on Madam Douglas' front door. We all climb into the car, this time Hazel sitting in the front with Mum, and Dad in the back with me. The entire ride there is almost spent in silence - I'm avidly reading my textbooks over again, taking in every detail, while Dad is immersed in his favourite Sherlock Holmes book - The Adventure of the Cardboard Box. "A problematic find," He'd said. "It took a lot of research, but I finally found it!" He told me that it was phenomenally hard to find, as it was taken out of publication many years ago.

"Tottenham Court Road!" He exclaimed, after an hour in the car. "I knew I recognised the name - that's where the hotel is."

"What do you mean, dear?" Mum asked, focusing on the road.

"It's in this book, Jane. It's where Holmes bought his Stradivarius!"

"Ooh, that sounds fancy! What's that then?" Hazel asked, turning round to face Dad.

"His violin -" And off they went, into a long-winded discussion about Sherlock Holmes adventures. I zoned out and went back to my book - Great Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century. I notice, as I'm coming nearer to the end, that there is a  mention of a boy called Harry Potter. I know I've seen that name before, but I'm not sure where I've read it. Beneath it reads;

"On the evening of Hallowe'en 1981, Lord Voldemort (for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, see page 367) arrived at Godric's Hollow and killed James and Lily Potter for a reason unknown, but which is much theorised about (see previous page). Starting with James, he killed the parents and advanced on the boy, Harry. However, when You-Know-Who attempted to use the killing curse on the one-year-old child, for reasons unknown, it backfired and instead of killing Harry Potter, You-Know-Who lost all of his powers and it is believed by some that he vanished, and by others that he, himself, was killed. There are many theories as to what happened that night, but the only person who knows for certain what happened, is the great Harry Potter himself." 

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