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In which Louis wants Harry's love so badly since he can feel none other.


2. 02

A/N: Sorry it took so long to update. This chapter is a bit shitty, honestly. Next chapter will be waaaaaaay better.


Chapter two » Louis




"How was school?" My mum asked me when I walked inside. This was her usual greeting. Nothing too exciting. Nothing too plain. Wait, it was way too plain and boring. "Did you see Harry?"


"Did I see Harry?" I repeated. "Did I see Harry? Holy shit he looked beautiful today, mum! I mean, he did storm off at me, but he looked so beautiful while he did it." I smiled and shrugged my backpack off my shoulder.


"Well, that's nice. Glad you had a better day than I did." She dropped her head and was no longer looking at me. "I got a call from the hospital claiming we have another bill to pay. Apparently, while he was still in there -you know, alive- we forgot to pay for his meals."


"They told us they were free, mum. Why would they change their minds? Idiots." I grumbled.


"Anyway, I'm sure you have better things to do. Like fantasise about Harry, or what you should be doing; homework." My mum got up and straightened her top. "I'll be cooking."


"Yeah, okay." I walked to my room and laid out my unfinished homework on my desk. It was science homework that was asking me to write an essay on how energy travels in the provided food web. I was beginning to wonder what grade I was in. This is simple but I still won't count on getting it done.


I grabbed and pencil and began writing.


Energy from the producer (grass) is given to the consumer (rabbit). Although, not all of the energy travels to the rabbit. The rabbit gains only some of it from eating the grass. The next place energy will travel is -WOAH! Harry is so fucking perfect and I just can only imagine how soft his lips are. They look so pink and I bet they give excellent blow jobs. I can give excellent bj's. Fuck, I bet his moans are perfect. Can I buy an audio of him moaning on iTunes? Can you imagine feeling his lips wraps around your-


I woke myself up from my small trance. Man, I went pretty damn far with that. I need to focus. That boy does some strange things to me.


I felt a vibration coming from the back of my jeans. For a second I thought I was in one of those cool massage chairs, but then I realised I was sitting in a wooden one.


I dug my phone from my pocket and unlocked it.


Zayn: Have you been on the school Twitter page? Well, the gossip one?


Louis: No. Should I?


Zayn: Yes! Get on it. Right now! The user is @londonhighgossip


What an original username. I go to London high, but I don't remember a time I've ever loved gossip. It says they do in their Twitter bio.


I clicked on their profile, watching as all of their tweets popped up. I scrolled down looking for one that might catch my eye as much as it did Zayn's.




Have YOU heard? It is rumored that Harry Styles is moving a house down from Louis Tomlinson's house! Could Louis have finally won the lad over? Is Harry gay? If you have gossip for us, submit them in a dm.


What the fuck is this? An advertisement? It sure sounds like one. But is it true? A massive grin was on my mouth and suddenly I found it hard to breath. My chest hurt and this was only a rumor.




Zayn: Woah, Tommo. Calm down. How do they even figure this out? And they suspect Harry is gay because he's moving to a house down from you?


Louis: That is going a little far, but JESUS CHRIST. PLEASE BE GAY.


Zayn: Maybe he is right now and you just don't know it. I've got homework to do. Talk to you later, mate.


I didn't answer back. I was too busy scrolling through tweets. The whole idea of sending in a rumor roamed in my head. Out of nowhere an evil grin appeared on my face. My hands searched for my phone.


Louis: Zayn, what's your twitter password? I need to get on your account to message a friend since my messaging isn't working.


This was an utter lie. Obviously, to view the tweet my account had to of been working. But i don't think Zayn is smart enoughto know that, so.


Zayn: My password is perrie. Don't you dare laugh at it.


Louis: Your password is seriously the name of your girlfriend? What the fuck is wrong with you, man? If you break up you'll have to change it.


Zayn: I told you not to laugh at it. And we aren't going to break up, anyway.


Louis: Whatever. Thanks, Z.


I went back to my computer screen and logged into Zayn's twitter account. How ridiculous is it that his password is his girlfriend's name?




My password is harrystyles. But that's completely different, you know.


My mouse moved over to the message icon on their profile. With a smirk, I began typing on my keyboard.




DM: I've got some gossip for you. As you know, I'm friends with Louis Tomlinson. Well, he recently told me that he's in a relationship with Harry. I talked to them both and they confirmed it.


Currently, I'm feeling like I have tons of power. Not wanting Zayn to find out, I deleted the conversation. It still went through but you could no longer see it in his direct messages. I rubbed my hands together, waiting for an answer.


They were online, I know that. Their last tweet was 15 seconds ago. And yeah, what I did may have been a little mean, but I want Harry to realise who he needs.




DM: Thanks for the gossip! This is extrodinary! Who knew they would finally get together? It'll be posted very soon.


My heart thumped rapidly in my chest. I felt giddy, but then again, I felt a little guilty. But, whatever. It was so totally worth it. I logged out of Zayn's twittter account. Once again, I cleared out any evidence of the conversation.


Not long after that a tweet was posted.




Zayn malik, friend of Louis Tomlinson, confirms that Louis and Harry are indeed in a relationship. Stay tuned for more!


My eyes widened as more and more people favourited the tweet and retweeted it. A couple of them even replied. I knew Harry would see it because he follows the account, but he has no idea who sent it. And no way in hell would I admit that I sent that in. As far as they know Zayn sent it in.


My phone rapidly buzzed on the table beside me. I chuckled.















Louis: Calm down, mateee! How amI supposed to know? At least the whole entire school thinks I got my future husband. That's a perk.



Zayn: Yeah, but they think I was the one who confirmed it. Why would I confirm that? Harry's gonna hate my guts at school tomorrow, dude. I'm think about ditching.



Louis: Even if you did ditch school he'll eventually find you and cook your guts over a fire.



Zayn: Thanks for cheering me up. But look at you. You'll be all popular and shit. You know, since nobody ever suspected that you would get together. I mean, you really aren't but..



Louis: Yeah.



I locked my phone. Talking to Zayn made me feel guilty for some reason. I'm actually shocked that I actually did that, honestly.


God, please don't let my mum find out.



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