Good Girls are Bad Girls that haven't been caught

Violet is a person who runs away from her problems she always has and she always will...Violet is Zayn Malik's twin sister.... she's Harry Styles' ex-girlfriend...and she might date Luke Hemmings...things don't go so well for Violet but will she survive? Or will she not be able to withhold all of the stress and just run away from her problems like always??


3. 3

"Class Dismissed Have a great summer!!" Mrs.Bratton yelled
"Ugh Finally!" I sighed and waited till everyone had left so I didn't get stuck in hallway traffic and then I walked out as I was heading towards my locker I looked down for a few seconds and then I bumped into "him" are probably wondering who "he" is well..."he" is Luke, LUKE MOTHERFUCKING HEMMINGS he's in a boyband like my brother Zayn
"Ohh I'm sorry" I said not looking up at him and I bent down to pick up my books as I stood up I expected he'd have left but no his blue eyes met my violet eyes
"It's ok...wait you're Violet right?" he asked
"Yea that's me" I smiled shyly
"You're Zayn's sister right?" he asked
"Yea" I nodded
"I was wondering..." he said scratching the back of his neck "do you wanna go on a date with me?" 
"Yea I'd love to" I smiled
he sighed a relieved sigh "See you tonight?" he asked
I nodded" what time?" I asked
"Around 8" he said I nodded and wrote down my address and phone number
"See you tonight" i smiled

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