Good Girls are Bad Girls that haven't been caught

Violet is a person who runs away from her problems she always has and she always will...Violet is Zayn Malik's twin sister.... she's Harry Styles' ex-girlfriend...and she might date Luke Hemmings...things don't go so well for Violet but will she survive? Or will she not be able to withhold all of the stress and just run away from her problems like always??


2. 2

"Hi Vi" Liam, Louis, and Niall said
"Bye Vi" Zayn said kissing my cheek
"Bye" I smiled
"Hi Violet" Harry said
"Hi Harry" I said annoyed I don't understand why he still talks to me

"How's life?" he asked
"My Life? is none of your concern" I said sassily only because me and Harry had a "thing", it was a pretty good relationship until he started sleeping around that's when it ended "me & him"
"Jeez you don't have to be such a bitch!" Harry yelled
"Me a bitch? why don't you tell that to your slut of a fuck buddy or like you call her your girlfriend" I yelled back as soon as I said that I felt something hit my face and a burning sensation ran through my cheek, I lost balance and fell to the floor
"Why did you do that to her you son of a bitch!! Zayn's gonna be pissed!" Louis yelled
"Don't worry Boo-Bear I can handle this myself" I said picking myself off of the ground. As soon as I got up Harry swung again and I dogged it this I took the opportunity and punched him in the throat because he was to tall (i'm short:(...) he fell and I beat the shit outta him...Let's just say he got what he deserved and Zayn had to come back and pull me off of Harry along with Niall, Louis, and Liam.
"I won't touch him anymore....I promise" I lied but Zayn let go of me. Harry was laying on the floor, groaning so I went over to him and spat on him
"Didn't your mother teach you not to hit a girl..... oh and the next time you lay a fucking finger on me I will kill you, and oh to make you feel like shit your 'girlfriend' has her tongue down Micheal's throat" I laughed and walked towards my locker. Then Zayn ran up behind me
"What the hell, why did you nearly kill him?" he yelled, so I turned to face him and showed him the red hand print that had been left on my cheek.. I then opened my locker and put some make-up to cover the mark.
"H-Harry did this to you?" he asked with rage in his voice
"Calm down Zayn I handled it.You can't always be here to pick up the pieces I'm a big girl" I said adjusting my make-up.
"Baby-girl.." he began
"Zaynie I nearly killed him.. I'm sorry? you should be happy he's not dead.. well I have to go I love you" I said and gave him a hug
"Wait Violet... I wanted to know where you learned how to do that" he said
"Oh...Zayn there's a lot of stuff you don't know about me... stuff i'd prefer if it remained in the past" I smiled calmly
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