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10. Chapter 9

A/N - Hey guys, I know I haven't posted for a while but I've just been busy with homework + trying to figure out how imma write this, so sorry if the chapters rubbish :( Enjoyyyy xx


Ivy's P.O.V

After last nights events, I'd been trying to figure out what Flora and Percy had been talking about, it wasn't easy, I kept recalling that one sentence, hence the reason I was up so late. 

I heard a faint knocking on my door and I groaned into my pillow, I knew it was early. 'Ivy' Destiny cooed, 'Time to get up babe', Destiny's voice was freakishly calm, it was time for the Games. My body tensed up, as she opened the blinds, I rubbed my eyes and adjusted to the light, I looked around my outfit was already laid out, and my usual hair and make up artists started setting up in the room. My stylist, Selena greeted me cheerfully and started to give out orders. After breakfast I went straight to my room so they could get started, the people of the Capitol would see me for like what, 2 minutes? But still... Looks here were important. One of my makeup artists, Winter, I know right, what a name, ones Winter, the other's Summer :D Anyways... Winter greeted me warmly and started to sort my hair out, by sort out she dip dyed it a lighter shade of brown and cut it so it was just above my shoulders. Summer started to apply makeup to me, whilst Winter curled my hair. Summer and Winter left the room as I got changed, the train slowly stopped and the cheers of the Capitol were loud and clear. No tears, I thought. No tears... Destiny came into my room and ushered me over to the door, the other train carrying the other half of tributes were now on here, everyone rushed around trying to find their partners. I found Cherry and she waved enthusiastically, I sent her a half hearted smile and we stood next to each other, Destiny in between. We walked out the train, cameras flashed and people screamed, I tried my best to smile and waved around. I giggled when someone screamed my name. Once we were inside we were sent to our rooms immediately. We were greeted by avox's I sighed every time I saw them, however this time I was freaked out by one in particular, she looked way too much like me, I shook the feeling off and went to get ready for the main supper, I ate quickly and excused myself as I needed to prepare for tomorrow, we were going to be 'rated' tomorrow. I looked at the time and freaked, I got changed into my pyjamas and quickly climbed into bed, at around 3AM the avox walked into my room, the one that looked strangely like me, she came over to my bed and I forced a smile. "I'll see you later Arianna" she whispered. My eyes bulged out of my head, who was Arianna? How could she speak? And most importantly... Who was she...? 


A/N - Aaaah, drammmaaaa! Hope you liked this chapter and comment below who you think the 'avox' is, 

Amrit xxx 

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