Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
5 United
1 Secret
What are the odds?
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~Cover by C.H. Potter~


9. Chapter 8

Percy's P.O.V 

I stood there. Shocked. 1 minute passed, 2 minutes, 5, 10, 15. Still stood there in utter shock. Auntie Prim guiltily looking at the floor, shuffling her feet. I walked over to the door. "Percy" Prim warned. She sighed and continued to talk "Don't tell anyone..." I sighed, exasperated. "Tell me everything" I said sternly. She nodded slowly and began to talk. 


Ivy's P.O.V 

Rubbing my eyes, I yawned and stretched. I got up and the train lurched to a stop and I fell to the floor... Again. The train had being starting... And stopping... Then starting again all night. I walked over to my door, it slid open and I walked over to the living room. I was about to sit down when I looked up, I saw 6 pairs of eyes on me, once everyone looked up at me I finally sat down. There was Angelo from District 7, he had jet black hair and bright green eyes. Lily from District 8 had sparkling blue eyes and dirty blonde hair and tanned skin. Castor from District 9 had light brown hair and deep brown eyes. I sighed heavily when District 10 introduced herself, her name was Chrisanne and was only 13, she had kind greyish eyes and short curly jet black hair. She was strong and quiet, didn't cry or weep, and thats what I loved about her... District 11 was Callum, he had short choppy blonde hair and deep blue eyes. And finally there was Heidi from District 12, she had long curly dark brown hair and bright green eyes. It amazed me that these were all victors, so young... Not ready to die... I was snapped out of my thoughts when Chrisanne came over and whispered something to me 'Tour?' she asked kindly. Tears brimmed in my eyes and I didn't trust myself to speak so I just sent her a nod. She smiled slightly and we walked over to the dining room, I showed her around and finally we got to my room, I heard talking from the other side, it sounded like arguing, it sounded like Percy and Flora... Chrissy (Chrisanne) sent me a concerned look and I tried my best to smile, I held her hand and said "You know my mentor... Destiny?" she nodded "Well we've got some special treats that we're not meant to eat until the final feast" she looked at me in a confused manner. "How about you tell Destiny I sent you... And maybe she'll give you something to eat" she nodded excitedly and I giggled quietly. She clung on to me and skipped off merrily, insisting for me to come with her. "I'll be two minutes" I whispered. She nodded and went to find Destiny. I walked over to the room Percy and Flora were in and stood by the door. "Thats it?" Percy urged. "Yes, Percy, how many times!" Flora said, but it didn't exactly sound like her...


Percy's P.O.V

"Yes, Percy, how many times!" Prim said. "So your basically say me and and Chrissy are --"

I cut myself off as I saw a shadowy figure through the door, no doubt it was Ivy.


Ivy's P.O.V

"So your telling me Indigo and Chrissy are --" Percy cut himself off and looked at the door. I cursed under my breath and tiptoed over to the living room. I quickly joined Chrissy on the sofa as Percy burst through the door. He eyed me suspiciously and walked off, I really needed to be more careful... 

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