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What are the odds?
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8. Chapter 7

Ivy's P.O.V

"Daddy" I cried as my father dragged me through the streets. "Where are we going?" I cried louder and louder. We bumped into a young girl with deep brown hair and piercing green eyes, I looked her and she looked back at me, sympathy and pain visible on her face. She planted a kiss on my forehead and handed me a pin, it had a gold Mockingjay on it, another girl came running towards us and took my hand 'Prim, take care of her' the girl whispered. 'I will Katniss, I promise' she replied, tears streaming down her face. Two guards came and grabbed my father 'Daddy' I screamed, I sunk to my knees 'Daddy' I continued to weep. The other girl (Prim) picked me up and she ran, just before we entered the cottage I saw a little boy holding the girls hand that Dad was with, he waved at me, and strangely enough I was waving back. 


Screaming I woke up, to find Percy next to me comforting me and thats when the memories came back... "P..P...Percy" I stuttered. "Yeah?" he asked, concerned. "Your my brother... I saw you in my dream" I said, my voice wavering. His face blank he handed me a glass of water, I guess I was too naive to realise it had been drugged, my eyes blurred and the last thing I remember is Percy whispering "We'll talk in the morning". 



Percy's P.O.V

I felt bad for drugging her, it would erase the brief conversation we just had, she was my sister... She couldn't know, it would ruin the entire plan... I walked out her room, letting the automatic doors slide shut, I gasped when I turned around, Flora was right in front of me. "Did you tell-" she began, I had identified a camera, I rubbed my eyes, this was our signal, she cut herself off and we walked to the one room that had a camera that wasn't exactly wired to President Snow... "She doesn't know anything, but she wants answers, I can tell" I explained "You can't tell her, its breaks my heart but we just can't..." she murmured "This wig is so itchy" her Capitol accent wavered. She gasped as her wig fell off and my eyes widened as I realised who it was "A-auntie Prim...?"


A/N- Hey guys I know its a really short chapter but I've got writer's block so I'll try and update soon, sorry again,

Amrit xxx

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