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7. Chapter 6

Ivy's P.OV

"I.. erm.." I stuttered, for once in my life I had trouble speaking. Percy's and Sephy's faces turned bright red and Flora pursed her lips and spoke "You shouldn't be eavesdropping, dear, its not lady-like." I flinched at the word dear, I wasn't her 'dear', realising they were all staring at me I replied "Right...erm... yeah.." I closed the door and walked off to my room, what were they talking about? Why did it concern me?  I sat on my bed and sighed, I was lied to my entire life, I never knew where I was, where we were living, we moved District every 3 months, I made friends, I lost some, but worst of all I didn't even know my family, my mother always looked at me with a sad and sympathetic smile, as if she pitied me, it didn't feel right, she cared for me but it was just something about her... A faint knocking pulled me out my thoughts, I opened the door to see Persephone with a guilty look on her face, I let her in and closed the door. "Well?" I questioned furiously, throwing my arms in the air. She then spoke, these words weren't hers and the look on her face was full of guilt and lies, instead of happiness and joy "You know how your birthday is during the games this year? my stomach churned, I hadn't even thought about it and now the thought of me dying before even reaching 18 was the worst thought I've ever had. I nodded slowly, she plastered a fake smile on her face and continued "Well since its your 18th we wanted to do this big party, it was meant to be a surprise but then you overheard us, so yeah... All the districts have agreed to come, its going to be a few days before the games" The first thing that came to my mind was there is no party, but then again we're going to be in the Capitol, Flora pulls a few strings and BOOM! An extravaganza. I gave her a small smile and nodded "Come on lets go meet District 6, she doesn't seem half bad from here" suggested Sephy. I walked over, lumber, I thought. District 6 is lumber, dad's friend was from District 6... I snapped myself out of my thoughts as I examined the girl. She had shoulder length dark brown hair, bright green eyes with specks of blue and pale skin. "Indigo, Indigo Katniss Hawthorne" she said, introducing herself, I found myself gasp, the vague memories flooding back, she shot Sephy a concerned look as I marched back to my compartment, there was something about her, her name, her looks, just something, something that i didn't know, and from there on, I knew I wasn't just Ivy-May, I had something to do with something, I just didn't know what... 



This was way too overwhelming for me, I got changed into my pyjamas and was about to lie into bed when Sephy walked in "Night" she muttered . "Wait, whats your last name?" I asked curiously, she yawned and answered "Oddair" my eyes widened, "Night" i said calmly, she left the room and shut my door, I was missing something here, I just wasn't sure what... 



Indigo Katniss Hawthorne is dedicated to Raven711, hope you like your character :) Sooo... Comment what you think of this movella so far, like,share,favourite, fan etc please :)

Amrit xxx



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