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6. Chapter 5


A/N- This chapter is dedicated to roxie.matrix, Rox your character is District 4 and her name is Persephone, Sephy or Seph for short, hope you like her ;)

Ivy's P.O.V

I'd stayed locked in my room for the last hour or so, crying, thinking about the past and the future, I wasn't going to make it out the arena alive, I knew I wasn't. District 3 had arrived, I heard giggles and clinking of glasses so I was guessing they all made friends, after all they were careers, they were bound to get on... I was deep into my thoughts when I heard a sudden knocking on my door, I jumped, after all I was sitting in silence for the past hour. I looked into the peep hole and there stood a youngish girl, she had deep brown wavy hair which had been dip dyed a lighter shade of brown and bright green eyes, she saw me through the peep hole and waved, I swear I'd seen her somewhere before... I opened the door slightly and she jumped into the room enthusiastically, she frowned slightly when she saw my puzzled expression. "Ivyyyyy, its meeee, Sephy, remember?" she chimed. Then I realized, my mom and hers were best friends when we were little, we both lived in District 8, both are dads had broken the law and tried to rebel, they were shot by Snow himself, it was a really long time ago, Peeta was my dads name, he rebelled just after the 75th Hunger Games I think... Anyway Sephy's face lit up when I enveloped her in a hug, I'd missed her so much, we'd been best friends too, I clearly remember the heart breaking day when she went to District 4 so she'd be safer with her family, her family was wanted, my family was wanted, our fathers' names are still famous till this day... A tear rolled down her face, I shut the door quietly and looked at her puzzled... "Ivy, I'm in the Games..." she managed to say. "I don't want us to die,” she cried harder. "Sephy... Don't do this, come on... It won't come to that.. Hopefully not" I added with a dry laugh.  I hugged her tighter and I felt her smile, her expression changed, she was happy, not because of what I'd said, but of something she remembered, that changed the situation we were in, I couldn't quite put my finger on it though... Someone knocked on the door and we both jumped, I opened the door slightly and there stood Destiny, "Great to see you Seph, anyways dinner had been made and you are both required to eat" she mumbled. Me and Sephy walked out to the dining room and there was Percy, Cecelia and a District 3. "I'm Joshua" he said blandly, no feeling or emotion in his voice. I bit my lip not trusting myself to speak, my voice would crack and they'd see my weakness, Josh... I thought "Yeah?" he asked, guess I said it out loud, I regained my confidence and replied "Oh, I had a friend called Josh once, anyway I'm Ivy-May" he wrinkled his nose as if I was suggesting we could be friends and nodded. We ate in silence, Percy would send me the occasional glance, Cecelia would roll her eyes , I'd look back at Percy,  then he'd start talking to Joshua, this was basically what happened over the entire meal, he looked at me as if he knew me, as much as I tried I couldn't remember him from anywhere. "Excuse me" Percy said nodding towards Destiny, she nodded back, indicating he could leave the table. His Capitol mentor, was waiting at the door for him he nodded her way and they walked over, during the dinner Seph and Percy sent each other looks, looks I couldn't quite interpret. I looked over at Destiny, indicating I didn't know the name of his mentor, 'Flora Rose' she mouthed, I stifled a giggle, some of these mentors had ridiculous names. "Sephy, a word" said Percy peeking his head into the dining room. She nodded and got up, I looked at Cecelia and she gave me a puzzled look and started blatantly flirting with Joshua. I got up and as Destiny was about to speak "Bathroom" I murmured, she nodded and started making conversation with Joshua and Cecelia. I stood by the room they were all in the door was closed so I just stood there, my ear pressed to it. My hand was on the handle in case someone came. "You can't tell her, you promised you wouldn't" Percy whispered. "She's my best friend, it's not easy lying to her" Seph hissed. "Ok we won't tell her until..." Flora never finished her sentence, the train lurched to a stop, my hand applied force on the handle and door burst opened, their eyes widened, oh no...


A/N- Ok guys so the Capitol mentors are like Effie Trinket, i didn't want you to get them mixed up with normal district mentors so I'll just call them Capitol mentors from now on, will update soon, 

Amrit xxx

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