Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
5 United
1 Secret
What are the odds?
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~Cover by C.H. Potter~


4. Chapter 3

Ivy's P.O.V

Rubbing my eyes I yawned and stretched, I felt really tired for some reason. I shot up when I realized where I was, on the train, no doubt on the way to the Capitol. My limbs ached as I ran through the compartments, finally reaching the dining / living room, I huffed as I sat down, it was empty. I was rubbing my eyes when I heard the floorboards creaking; I looked up to see a guilty Destiny obviously sneaking in to get through to her room. I stood up immediately and she looked at me with an 'it wasn't my fault' look. "Destiny" I pleaded, "Tell me what happened". Then I realized what I'd done, I'd acted up in front of the whole of the Capitol and the districts, they wouldn't dare lay a finger on me, but my family, my family wasn't under the same protection as me. "Destiny" I muttered angrily. "Where are my mum and Rosalind?". "Well after you started kicking and screaming one of the peacekeepers gave you an injection to calm you down, you passed out and the city hall was cleared out, you were then put on the train, we're on the way to Panem now, we should be there in a day or so." she explained, her voice wavering she carried on "Rosie and your mother are also on the way to Panem, they'll arrive after us though, their stopping off at the other districts to get the other families, and we, we're going to go get one tribute from each district to join us." "Why are we getting other tributes?" I asked, confused. "I'm not sure, it was a request from President Snow,” she answered. I knew Destiny, she knew something, I was sure we were under surveillance so I didn't bother asking why, she sighed a breathe of relief, but went pale when I asked the next bit "Wait why are our families coming to the Capitol?" I asked, annoyed. "Umm... Well another request from Mr. Snow I think" she said, her voice full of sorrow and lies. The realization then hit me, President Snow, he was ever so clever, doing this to us, he was going to drag our families to the Capitol, and give them front row seats, to our deaths, for them to sit there, again, worrying about us, then parents and siblings would watch their kids suffer, yet again, and die, for what? For nothing. Because everyone knows, the Hunger Games only ever has ONE winner...


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