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What are the odds?
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31. Chapter 24

Ivy's P.O.V

We all sighed another breath of relief, I felt like I was running out of breath and I tilted to the side. "Easy there" Indigo muttered as she saved me from plummeting to my death. I winced as she touched my neck wound. "You've lost a lot of blood, we can't go on like this" Percy stated. I felt a sudden pang of guilt, like I'd let the team down, like when I'd let Josh down... I inhaled sharply when Chrissy started examining the cut. "I'll take care of it guys" she whispered hoarsely, without any question they backed away and let her have a look, my life was in the hands of a teenager, not the greatest feeling ever. She instructed Indigo to look through all our backpacks in case there was anything that could help. In the corner of my eye I saw Sephy holding a bottle of dis-infectant, Percy holding a few small tools and a needle and Indigo holding thread. I shut my eyes as a cloth wet with disinfectant ran over the wound, the wound began to sting. The needle was threaded and Chrissy began to stitch, anxiety drifted in the air like a bad smell. I breathed a sigh of relief when Chrissy sent me a quick smile and moved away. "Done! It should heal within 2 or 3 days," she smiled. If I live that long, I thought to myself. "Where to next" Percy spoke, breaking the uneasy silence. Indigo whipped out a piece of small paper and a pen and began drawing, we all sent each other puzzled looks until she was done. "The cornucopia's in the middle, there has to be at least two volcanoes in the arena, I'm not sure how they work. We're on the rainforest side, right? The other side is all desert, but by the looks of it, there's not much water supply on each side. Food wise, well, night lock berries of course, and there's some food that we could eat without dying." We murmured amongst ourselves and Sephy spoke up "Our safest bet is to stay on the rainforest side, there's no point building a fort or a tent, we all know how the games work. We need to find another tree, 2 of us on lookout, 2 of us hunting, 1 of us resting." As soon as she spoke the last bit everyone turned their heads to me, I felt like the weakest link. "I'll be fine keeping watch"I tried to sound confident but my voice wavered. Chrissy nodded in agreement and piped up "I'm feeling quite tired, mind if I rest instead" sending everyone a fake yawn. They all seem convinced, she sent me a quick wink and we all gathered our supplies, making sure we all had a weapon. Turn by turn we climbed down, trying not to make any noise. Leaves crunched as we trudged through. Tarantulas crawled around, snipping their little claws. I held back the sick in my mouth and bravely carried on, trying not to look down. Indigo stopped and so did we, she spoke eerily "We've reached the middle of the rainforest..." I looked at her, how did she know. "Oh there's a sign over there" she spoke smiling, guess I asked my question out loud. "Yup" she popped the p. We carried on walking until we heard a twig snap, we all turned around, nothing. We hastily walked over to the nearest tree, me, Sephy and Chrissy began to climb. "Aw, girls, where are you going" a sickeningly sweet female voice spoke, it was Cecelia. "We've only just arrived... The funs only just started..." with those last few words her partner shot an arrow, thank goodness Indigo missed it, but that wasn't just the end...


A/N - *sigh* I know I haven't updated in like a really long time and I'm really sorry if you found the chapter boring :( I just had to do it kay, 'cause if I didn't the story wouldn't make sense later! Yeah, so, try and update soon, hehe...

Amrit x

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