Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
5 United
1 Secret
What are the odds?
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~Cover by C.H. Potter~


30. Chapter 23

Ivy's P.O.V

I hesitated for a second, as did everyone else, still overwhelmed by the sudden burst of light. A second BEEP echoed through the arena, this time I reacted quickly. I dove headfirst into the icy cold water, shivering as the water hit my body. Nevertheless, I carried on and swam as quick as I could, my body became heavy as I reached the cornucopia, I lifted myself up and grabbed the first thing I saw, luckily it was a bow. But it wasn't going to be that easy... A petite, vicious looking girl tried to strike me with her knife, I warded her off with my bow, eventually reaching into the pack for an arrow, without a moment of second thought, I shot the bow directly at her left arm, I had to eliminate her strengths. Luckily enough - for me, not her - she fell back into the water, one down, I thought... Around 19 to go. I leant over for a two second rest, this was my first mistake. I felt the flesh on my neck cut open and I knelt down, pretending to die, my second mistake. I grabbed a nearby knife and as I stood on my feet, I swung as hard as I could, eliminating one more person, this was NOT a mistake. In the heat of the moment, I grabbed my bow and arrows, and a backpack, I was starting to feel light headed... I felt a tap on my arm and I swung a punch, another mistake, it was Percy. "WHAT THE HELL" he shouted over the chaos, we both grinned for a second, and then we bolted, Sephy was with Indigo, but where was Chrissy? We all gathered off the cornucopia land, onto the rainforest side and up a tree, in hope of finding Chrissy. Another BEEP erupted through the air. Then something else erupted. Lava came oozing down from the edges of the arena... Volcanoes. Everyone at the cornucopia was now trapped, no where to go. We all looked around in panic, Chrissy could be in there... 5 cannons boomed, this was not good. The cornucopia was now empty, and completely unaffected by the lava which had enveloped it like two minutes ago. I felt a tap on my back and went to swing, but this time my hand was caught. Relieved, we all sighed as Chrissy grinned, "Missed me?"

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