Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
5 United
1 Secret
What are the odds?
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~Cover by C.H. Potter~


28. Chapter 22

Ivy's P.O.V

I squinted as my curtains were opened, letting light flood into the room. Destiny sniffled slightly and came to the side of my bed, I turned my head over to look at her, her eyes were bloodshot, her smile fake as ever. "Up you get" her voice cracked slightly but her smile remained. I groaned lightly and yawned, my eyes tearing up, Destiny excused herself from the room and softly shut my door. I creeped out of my bed and pressed my ear up against the door. Destiny was slightly weeping on the other side. I straightened up, trying not to let the sadness get to me and walked over to the bathroom, I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, brushed through my hair and threw on a casual outfit. I laced my shoes up, put on a neutral face and walked out to the dining room. Around the table sat Cherry, Selena, Summer and Winter, looking more plain and simple than ever. We ate our breakfast in silence, we walked over to the spa in silence, we waited for everyone to arrive before we were suited up, in silence. Silence, silence, silence... "Right" Summer spoke, her voice a fraction of a whisper. She directed me into my room. "This is your suit darling, we'll leave you to try it on for size, if it doesn't fit we'll have it changed" Winter spoke, refusing to look at me and with that, they left. Mine was black, yup completely black, apart from the silver lining and silver buttons it was as dark as my soul. Ok, that sounds creepy, lets just leave it at it was dark. I took off my jogging bottoms and jacket, leaving me in leggings and a tank top. I slipped the suit on and knocked on the door, Selena came in and zipped it up for me. "Perfect" she nodded. For a second then I thought she was the only one who could keep herself together, I was wrong. She started to weep and clung on to me, wailing and sniffling. Way to have faith in me. I hugged her tightly and a salty tear ran down my face. I was reacting better than last time... For now at least. Selena searched around in her pocket and brought out a black chain. I stared in horror as she put the mockingjay around my neck. She giggled slightly and explained "The colour washes out, I just wanted it to match your outfit". I smiled slightly. A rat-a-tat style knock was heard on the door. Selena gave me a look of horror and went to open it, she pulled it only ever so slightly. "Ivy-May of District 5, please" spoke a deep voice. It was a peacekeeper, I buried my head in my hands, this was not the time to get emotional. I sniffled, it seemed to be the trend today, gathered myself and walked off to a small closet sized room. My chamber pod was in the corner. I sat on a small chair and started intently at the timer, 2 minutes. Selena, Summer and Winter squeezed into the room. The timer beeped down to 1 minute. I gave them each a hug and for the remainder of the time we stayed in silence, the timer was down to 20 seconds. I slipped into the pod and turned the other way, I swung my body back to say one last goodbye and... They were gone. Another tear trickled down my face as my pod elevated. The darkness took me by surprise, the only thing visible was the timer, once the horn was blown, it was a blood bath. It beeped down, I started to panic, I couldn't see anything. "3,2,1" nothing happened for a second. Then... BEEP! We all squinted at the sudden burst of light, after noticing my surroundings, half desert, half rainforest, I knew this wasn't going to be like any other Games. 

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