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27. Chapter 21

Ivy's P.O.V

I picked at the hem of my dress, keeping my head down as Destiny, Cherry and I went up to the penthouse, where the feast would be held. I was wearing a nude dress, with the decoration of black lacing, nude and black heels, and a black jacket (I'll post a pic at the end). It went perfect with my new hair. Cherry was sporting a cute shopaholic look which consisted of a coral knee length dress with a nude belt, a tan cross body bag and nude wedges. The elevator dinged, opening the doors, we all walked into District 12's room, depressing faces like EVERYWHERE. Then I started noticing some other faces, they looked older and... Yup... It was the parents. Cherry ran into the arms of her mother, whilst I stood there, blankly, not knowing what to do. I scoured the room, there was no sign of Rosalind or mum, was this some kind of sick joke? I scanned the room, I wasn't the only one, Percy, Indigo, Sephy and Chrissy stood, harshly whispering amongst themselves, this wasn't good, we were attracting more attention than we were meant to. I guess me and the gang weren't exactly friends, but I had to do something. The elevator doors dinged open again, murmurs came from the crowd, my head snapped towards the noise, it was President Snow. Great, just great. What made it better? They didn't see him coming towards us. I ran into them, breaking open their huddle, I signalled for them to look behind me, a look of panic became visible on everyone's face. Ok, it was getting worse, Snow was coming closer. I opened the nearest door and they all rushed in, tripping over each other, I ran in and slammed the door shut, I was positive Snow saw us. Ok, so your probably wondering why this was such a big deal. I didn't know what was happening, exactly. But... We were all here without parents, didn't that look slightly suspicious? In the moment of panic, I grabbed my mockingjay and pricked my finger just a little so that blood would come out. I cursed under my breath, put it away and made sure everyone was hiding. I flicked the lights on and just as Snow barged in I ran the taps. I walked out, pretending not to see him, I staged a fake bump into him and looked up, confused. "Oh, hey, President, just pricked my finger" I said ecstatically, holding up my index finger. He sent me a puzzled look and started looking around. "We seem to... Have five... No wait you're here, four people missing" he spoke, sounding quite like he didn't know what he was saying. I shrugged my shoulders exaggeratively, he sent me a suspicious look, then headed for the door. I heard a loud groan behind me, this was just amazing. Snow snapped his head back, as did I. Again, I shrugged my shoulders, he sent me another suspicious look then spoke "The Games cannot be escaped, make sure you remember that." I shivered as I felt a chill in my spine, this was the second or third time he'd said that. I closed the door shut and turned into the open closet, seeing Chrissy, Sephy, Indie and Percy, underneath a pile of shoes. I sighed deeply and sashayed off back into the hall where the feast was being held. 


I sat in my rightful seat as President Snow gave a speech, thank god the parents had left for a separate feast, fortunately for me, there simply was not enough room. I sent Sephy a few glances, I even tried to talk to her but Snow was watching us like a hawk, literally. I left early, due to the fact it was the Games tomorrow, not that I would get much sleep anyways. I collapsed onto my bed. In 24 hours, I could be dead, but yet it didn't bother me.


A/N - Sorry for the boring chapter but I had to get it out the way, next chapter is off to ze Games! I'll update soon and the pictures as promised : 

 Cherry's outfit 


Ivy's outfit 


Guess who? It's Sephy :) 



Any thoughts on the chapter, the book or the characters, feel free to comment,

Amrit xo 

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