Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
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What are the odds?
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23. Chapter 20

Ivy's P.O.V 

Destiny burst into the room, I quickly turned around and wiped my face and back around again before she noticed anything was wrong. "Ready?" she questioned. I nodded half heartedly, grabbed my bag and was off to the spa which was right next to the training centre. I changed into a white robe and looked around for Destiny. And then I realised. It wasn't a spa day... It was a leg waxing, eyebrow threading, armpit shaving, hair cutting (and dying), torturous kind of day... With maybe a dip in the pool and a massage depending on my behaviour. I suddenly felt extremely self conscious as I walked into my... Space, room, area thing? And lay down on the bed. Thank god it was Summer and Winter. Summer heated up the pot of wax and Winter tutted at me... Well sorry that we don't have razors and wax heating machines in District 5... We do have thread but I made sure Summer wasn't aware of that :) Winter began on my legs and Summer began on my... I can't even say eyebrows because after a while I confirmed she was threading my face... I stayed there calmly... Until Winter pulled off a waxing strip. I jumped and jumped and tossed and refused to be waxed again until one of the avox's found some numbing cream for me. By the time my body was done Selena dragged me over to where she was going to do my hair. My current District was, as everyone knew, very wealthy because we supplied energy and power for the entire nation. I'm guessing my costume would reflect energy and power as my hair did. Selena dyed my hair pitch black. No highlights. No dip dyes. No nothing, it was just completely black. It actually suited me quite well. I looked over to the time, it was 6pm, time for the main feast then... A tear rolled down my cheek as I'd just walked face first into realisation. All this time I'd been in denial. But the time was here. It was happening. The Games were tomorrow... 

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