Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
5 United
1 Secret
What are the odds?
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~Cover by C.H. Potter~


3. Chapter 2

Ivy's P.O.V


I'd been up since 4am, the reaping began at 11am, my mother was going to come in at precisely 9am and wake me up, same as all the other years that went by. Tick tock... Tick tock... The clock struck 9 and I quickly glued my eyes shut and heard faint knocking on my bedroom door. "Morning" my mum chimed with a hint of pain in her voice. "Rise and shine sweetie".

I groaned quietly and she took that as a sign of me being awake, she laid out my clothes for me and walked out to probably help my sister, Rosalind, get ready. I got up, brushed my teeth and faced my outfit, a duck egg blue knee length dress, an off white cardigan and cream lace flats. The standard outfit for any girl over the age of 14 for the reaping. A tear rolled down my cheek, I knew I had to be strong, I put on my outfit and walked down, my mum shakily did my hair and kissed me and my sister on the head and we all silent walked to the city hall. It was normally empty but this time of year it was thriving with peacekeepers and decorators. They took some blood for our files and we stood in our age groups, parents anxiously waiting at the back. 

Destiny Summers (equivalent to Effie Trinket) came out onto the stage, she was wearing a blue knee length puffy dress, blue hair and blue heels, she hardly had any makeup on. Destiny was originally from District 5 itself but moved to the Capitol when her fathers job was upgraded, she changed her name, appearance, everything. She was in the Hunger Games, she knew how hard it was, she was only 21, she was reaped a few years before me I think... Anyway she tapped the microphone and in her perfect Capitol accent read from her speech cards. "Welcome to the 100th Hunger Games" she cheered. "Now today we have a special surprise for you all! Previous victors please come up to the stage" I froze and a tear rolled down my face. "Previous victors please" I was nudged along to the stage by the peacekeepers and Destiny carried on when we all arrived "3 of you today will have the pleasure of going back into the games! 2 tributes and one mentor! Now the way we decide this is you'll each be given a number, the 3 numbers that come up on screen will be going back to the games! The other 2 will be going home,” I screamed but the peacekeepers covered my mouth, I struggled against their grip, but I immediately stopped when one of them nodding towards Rosalind, I couldn't let them hurt her, it would destroy me. I was handed a number, I was number 4. "Mentor first" Destiny smiled, only I could see behind that smile, it was pain, purely pain. We all waited anxiously staring at the screen "Number... 5" she giggled. Number 5 was Cameron; she was the oldest out of us and was in the games twice. She sighed heavily, she was a sensitive girl, she wouldn't be able to watch two of us, two of her dearest friends die. I gulped as I intently watched the screen "Number 2" cheered Destiny. Number 2 was Cherry, she was one of the sweetest girls I knew, a tear rolled down my cheek, she was the closest friend I had. "Now we have our last tribute,” giggled Destiny excitedly. I saw number 4 on the screen, the hall went silent as I screamed and kicked, my vision blurred and I slowly collapsed to the ground sleepily, I screamed one last time before I blacked out...

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