Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
5 United
1 Secret
What are the odds?
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~Cover by C.H. Potter~


22. Chapter 19

//Ivy's P.O.V//

I refused to move. Literally. It was 8:30am and today was prep for the Games. My head pounded and every word anyone breathed shot me like a bullet. Destiny came over with aspirin and an "I'm disappointed in you" look. Even after I explained that I only drank orange juice all night, everything thing she did, she did with a hint of annoyance. Eventually I rolled out of bed... But wait... Wasn't there something I was looking for? I shook off the feeling as most of yesterday was a blur, so nothing important could've happened right...? I put on the outfit I was given, brushed through my hair and walked over to the dining room. Well kinda... I saw Percy, Indigo, Chrissy and Sephy whispering amongst themselves... Wait... Why were they here? And why were they on our floor the other night too...?


//Chrissy's P.O.V// 

"Listen guys, we can't keep meeting here, someones going to suspect something" I whispered loudly. I was the youngest and they hardly ever took notice of me but they knew I was right. Indigo nodded and spoke "She's right guys, its only a matter of time before Ivy starts spying on us..." Percy scoffed, not too loud, but loud enough for us to all raise our eyebrows. "Matter of time? The Games are tomorrow, we ran out of time a very long time ago trust me, I me-" He scoffed but then cut himself off and his face turned as white as a sheet. "Percy...?" Sephy whispered soothingly. "The letter" he managed to say. And then all of our expressions changed, it was the day before the Games and we had forgotten to give/hide the letter to/under Ivy/her pillow. 


//Ivy's P.O.V// 

"The letter" was all I heard and it sounded like Percy. My letter? Were they talking about my letter? They couldn't have my letter... My letter was under my pillow. I quietly tiptoed/ran over to my room and started picking my pillows up and throwing them around, I felt sick to my stomach. It wasn't there. The four that had been discussing matters rushed to my room and without warning Sephy threw the letter at me. "Snow... Inspectors... Coming... That's your letter... It was mixed up with ours... Got to go..." Indigo panted. And just as they came... They left. I'm guessing Snow had been tipped off... A few Peacekeepers came and looked around. "We'll be back later" one informed me. As soon as they left I ripped open the envelope and scanned the words : "Ivy, this is something you must do for me. During the Games you have to stay with Indigo, Chrissy, Percy and Sephy. You can trust them no matter what, do not leave their sides, and whatever they do, whether its harmful to you or not... You must trust them, see you on the other side,


The letter drifted from my hands as I read the last few words. Mom? That's not possible? Mom is dead. Mom isn't with us. Mom was killed. Mom is... A knock interrupted my thoughts, it was Destiny, it was time for my 'spa day' but for some reason I didn't want to move. She knocked again, this time louder. I shoved the letter in my underwear drawer. A single tear ran down my face... If mom was alive... Why didn't she ever contact me...?

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