Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
5 United
1 Secret
What are the odds?
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20. Chapter 18

//3rd Person//

*Before the lights blacked out at the party*

Ivy was now on the stage. The lights dimmed and the crowd sent out shocked murmurs. Then the lights cut off. Completely. People shouted. People screamed. Possibly some cried. Each of the 5 were handed a letter. 4 of which would receive a plan for the Games. 1 would be given a few simple instructions. Ivy was not the only one to receive a letter, so as you've probably realised she was one of the 5, however she received the wrong letter. Persephone, Chrisanne, Percy and Indigo were the other 4. However... After the lights had come back on Indigo had gone to take a peek at the letter. She sighed in frustration, she had been given Ivy's letter. Which meant, Ivy had hers. Indigo instantly called a meeting with the other 4 once they arrived at the after party. "So here's the plan..." she spoke softly.

//Indigo's P.O.V//

"So here's the plan..." I spoke softly. They all looked at me eagerly and I carried on. "Ok, so Ivy has the letter, but what does make it easier for us is that she's decided to attend the after party. Percy and I will sneak into her room, but Sephy and Chrissy, you two will need to steal... Ahem, borrow her key from her purse. Once you've got the key one of you must come and give it to us, one of you must stay with her." I finished off. "Questions?" I asked. Sephy spoke quietly : "How do we distract her?" It was a good question and I hadn't thought about it so I just sent her a quick shrug and just replied "Alcohol." Sephy looked sick to the stomach at the idea of drugging her friend but she didn't really have a choice, none of us did. So we all set off our different ways, fingers crossed it works...

//3rd Person//

Sephy and Chrissy set off to distract Ivy and Percy and Indigo hovered around her room door. Chrissy had managed to get the key and ran over to Percy instantly, but it wasn't going to be that easy. Sephy had been pulled aside for an interview and lost sight of Ivy, she managed to find her eventually, Ivy had been heading towards her room but Sephy steered her in the opposite direction. She gave her what Ivy would think of as orange juice but Sephy had - after thinking about it...a lot - spiked the drink. Chrissy hadn't come out the room yet as to say they were done. Over in Ivy's room, Percy and Indigo had being going crazy looking for the letter. And when they did find it, other problems had arisen. Sephy had - yet again - lost Ivy. She gasped as she saw Ivy stumbling over to her room. Percy heard the door knob rattle, Indigo and Chrissy looked at each other in alarm, they snatched the letter and ran out through the en suite bathroom. But what no one noticed was that, indeed they had taken the letter, but they forgot to replace it with the letter Ivy was meant to have in the first place... 


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