Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
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1 Secret
What are the odds?
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19. Chapter 17

Ivy's P.O.V

Heels in hand, I ran up as quick as I could. I rushed through the crowd of Capitols and found a chair, I strapped my heels back on just in time as Flora had been chasing me. She pursed her lips and spoke "What ARE you doing dear, it's time to cut the cake, hurry along now! Hpmh!" she was speaking in the fake Capitol accent again. She needed to give it up. I stifled a giggle and she looked at me strangely as she dragged me through everyone. The cake was on the stage, me and Sephy walked up, we were each handed a knife and the spotlights burned bright on us. Paparazzi came to the front, all guns blazing. So like basically all cameras flashing. "What're you wearing today Ivy?" a voice shouted. My best fake smile? Flora mouthed a name to me as Sephy and I posed. "Sarmani?" I mouthed back at her. She threw her hands up in despair and Sephy took the lead on the talking. "Armani" she replied to the photographers smoothly. I sighed and posed for a few more pictures as the crowd started to die out. The lights dimmed and shocked murmurs rippled through the remaining crowd. Why was everyone freaking out? The lights died out completely and screams echoed throughout the hall. I gasped lightly when a hand touched mine, he or she slipped a folded up piece of paper in my hand and I quietly placed it in my clutch. The lights came back on as soon as I'd closed my clutch, coincidence? I think not... Caesar Flickerman Jr came out and grabbed a microphone : "We're just preparing for interviews everyone, sorry for the delay" he spoke flustered. We all lined up for interviews but me and Sephy were sent off as our interviews had already taken place with paparazzi. Chrissy came up to me and she went up to my floor, after party. I groaned slightly but nonetheless joined in with the festivities. I looked into my bag and there it was the letter and...  A mockingjay pin? More precisely the one snow had taken from me, adapted so it was now on a chain, I looped my room key onto the chain and placed it in my clutch, placing the letter under my pillow. 

*3 hours of partying later*

It was only 11pm so I'm guessing we left the venue early. I stumbled into my room and curled up on the bed. I reached under my pillow to grab the letter but it wasn't there I shot up and picked up the pillow, the letter wasn't there, where the hell was it?

A/N - Sorry if this chapter was boring, you'll find out about what happened to the letter in the next chapter.

Amrit :) 

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