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17. Chapter 16

Ivy's P.O.V

After Flora had walked off I'd written a note that read 'Gotta meet somewhere else, Flora saw your previous note, 


I'd handed it to the same avox who had given me the first note, I saw her walk off. I was about to sit down when Sephy grabbed my arm and pulled me up to dance. I danced half heartedly for a bit, looking around, trying to find the avox. "Ivyyyy" she slurred, there wasn't even alcohol here so I don't know what she had to eat or drink. "Stop looking around and dance with meeeeee" she carried on. She stopped in the middle of her dance and looked at me seriously, she was faking being drunk "I mean it Ives, it's our 18th and your concerned about a note some Capitol child gave you" she said, a hint on annoyance in her voice. "I'm gonna go powder my nose or something" I mumbled. I walked past all the bathrooms, then came changing rooms. This place hadn't been used for a while by the looks of it. And then I saw it. A changing room. With the plaque as 'Peeta Mellark ; 75th Hunger Games' I had to go in. I twisted the brass doorknob slightly, the room was dark, I switched the light on, it flickered slightly. The mirror had pictures of my dad, young, with a young girl, brown hair, pretty eyes, she looked like... Me? I heard the door shut behind me and I jumped slightly when I turned around. It was the 'avox' that had called me Arianna. I backed away and I was about to speak when words started rushing out her mouth "Look we don't have much time, Flora will be looking for you in a minute, just hear me out." I nodded slightly. "Your not Ivy-May, I don't have time to explain this but I'll tell you one thing, you have to team with Chrisanne, Indigo, Percy and Persephone for the Games. You must follow everything they say, do not disobey them, no matter the situation... Got it?" I looked at her confused and she just repeated herself "Got it?" she said, slightly more agitated, I nodded and she smiled at me. Just then the doorknob rattled and Flora's high pitched voice was on the other side: "Ivy-May, dear I know your in there, now open up! Hmph!" 

"Name?" I whispered to the 'avox'. "Camille" she whispered back. I nodded and signalled for her to hide, I unlocked the door and Flora came in. She raised an eyebrow at me and I just told her the first thing that came to my head "I was looking for the bathroom, and I saw my dads plaque, I only wanted to see his room, but then the doorknob got stuck and I just managed  to unlock it a few minutes ago." She wasn't buying it but pursed her lips and moved out the way, I hurried along, but not too far, she knew Camille was in there, how did I know? Because next minute I heard talking. "Camille Rose Everdeen" Flora hissed. Wait, Everdeen? "What did you tell her?!" I heard Flora exclaim, in that funny non Capitol accent again, she sounded, almost... Normal? "What she deserved to know" Camille sassed. "Stay away, you'll ruin eve-" Flora warned, half way through I accidentally knocked over a pretty old looking statue, I cursed under my breath, took my heels off and ran upstairs, I hope for mine and Camille's sake she didn't see me...


A/N - Camille is pronounced as Cam-isle not Cam-eel or Camel its Cam-isle :)


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