Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
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What are the odds?
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~Cover by C.H. Potter~


16. Chapter 15

Ivy's P.O.V 

Proud, and happy I walked over to the elevator and went up to my floor. I was about to walk into my room when I was stopped by Cammy and Cherry. "What was THAT?" they both exclaimed, I just laughed it off and lightly replied "A talent I never knew I had." They both just shrugged it off, and I walked over to my closet. I jumped back as I realised Selena, Summer and Winter were already here. I greeted them individually and they started, 'fixing' me as Capitols called it. Selena did my hair, Winter and Summer my make up, once they were all done I was advised to go put my dress on. They all seemed excited for some reason, but why, it was only... Wait what day was it? I slipped my dress on, it was actually really pretty. Selena came in, with... Heels. I groaned and she laughed slightly, nonetheless I did as I was told, I wore the heels and the matching jewellery, including a tiara. My hair had been dyed again... What do they call it? Oh, yeah dip dyed. I seriously looked amazing. I walked over to find Cherry, she knew what was happening, but she wouldn't spill.  I eyed her suspiciously, she just turned her head the other way. The limo arrived and we rode to the venue in silence. I stepped out and I seriously couldn't think of a way to describe it, it was... Extravagant. Amazing. It reminded me of that exclusive party my father had before the 75th Hunger Games, before he died. I shook the thought out of my head, I couldn't think about this, not now. I still had no idea what was happening, till I looked to my side and saw a confused Sephy, in the exact same outfit as me, except hers was baby blue. I gasped as I remembered the date. It was our 18th birthday! I hobbled over to Sephy, trying not to lose my balance and it clicked in her head as she saw me. We had a slight childish freak out moment, but then maturely walked down the red carpet, trying to contain our excitement, as we walked in side we were even more desperate to jump around. Glass chandeliers, foods from all around the country, some of the most elegant ornaments I've ever seen, happy, excited people waiting... For us. I felt someone nudge me and turned around to see an avox, she handed me a note. It read ' When the clock hits midnight, come down to the wine cellar, we won't have much time, make sure your not followed,


Who was 'C' and why today? What was happening? Sephy came over to me and I scrunched up the note behind my back. I turned around as someone grabbed it from my hand. It was Flora Rose. This was my one chance of finding out what I'm missing out on. I'd messed it up. Flora scanned her eyes over the note and spoke "Hmph! Silly Capitol children and their jokes, don't worry dear, I'll take care of it." Something in her tone of voice made me doubt her slightly, I wasn't missing out on my chance, I needed to find that person...

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