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15. Chapter 14

Ivy's P.O.V

I'd been kicked out by the avox, now I was standing in the hall, my face flushed with embarrassment. "Score?" Sephy came over and whispered to me. Oh god. In the excitement of it all, I didn't realise I wasn't scored. I tried to stay calm and sent Sephy a quick shrug and ran off to the elevator. I seriously need to work on the whole 'staying out of trouble' thing. I went up to level 5 and ran out. It was 2pm, I needed to be ready by 3pm. I lazily walked over to my room and held my head in my hands, I needed a good rating, why was I stupid enough to wear the pin? I found my outfit and slipped it on. I left my hair as it was, mainly because I didn't know how to use flat irons and those wand things, but also because I knew Selena would want to do my hair herself. I also didn't know how to do make up so I decided not to experiment with anything. I tied my hair up, it was 2:45 so I walked over to the elevator, it was better to be early right? I went down to the training centre and walked in, everyone was already here, I walked over to Sephy and Cherry and we sat there silently until an instructor came out. "Now, I'm not going to lecture you about the dangers of the Game or how you guys will probably die if you don't listen to my instructions, because you've probably already heard this, you know what the Games are like, you don't need a Capitol opinion." She spoke, I liked her already. She carried on: "Everyone find your mentors and they will discuss with you what activities you should try out". We all walked separate ways, me and Cherry heading towards Cameron (Cammy). "Ok, right so Cherry, your good at sword fighting so I'd like you to go over where the sword fighting section is and improve your skills, you'll not be fighting real people, they're animated people, whatever you'd like to call them" Cammy spoke. She turned her head and looked at me "Ives, you need to-" she cut herself off and stared at me intently then carried on "Ives, don't take this the wrong way, but what's your talent?" I shrugged. "Try a range of things, you'll never know until you do" she smiled. I nodded and walked off, I figured I'd go with Cherry so I did, swords just didn't fit right in my hand, my reactions to the animated people were too slow and the swords were too heavy for my liking. Cherry guided me through different activities, we learnt how to make traps, that wasn't going to keep me alive, I needed something, anything. Me and Cherry walked over to our last activity, learning how to use a crossbow and arrow. I grabbed a bow which looked my size... It felt... Perfect. It was comfortable to hold and not too heavy, I grabbed a bag of arrows and set up inside my mini arena, 10 animated people per minute, let's just say I was feeling confident. The men came out, I missed the first, I felt embarrassed again, but then each shot was on point, it had been set on 10 minutes, and I shot every single one, I turned around to see a smiling Cameron.... And every district watching.... Me. I proudly walked out, leaving everyone in shock and amazement.

A/N - Hmm, wonder where she got the bow and arrow skill from...:) Like, share, fan, favourite and comment,

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