Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
5 United
1 Secret
What are the odds?
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~Cover by C.H. Potter~


13. Chapter 12

Ivy's P.O.V

Each time a District went in and out my anxiety deepened. Each person came out, different, emotionally and physically. Some came out pale, crying, some came out glowing, happiness visible on their faces. Sephy went in when District 4 was called, it turns out Jasper and Cecelia had made a mistake, they were both required to go in at the same time, however, them being District 1 the game makers gave them an opportunity to redeem themselves. Anywho, where were we? Oh right, Sephy and her other half (Antonio) went in, she was acting quite brave. Antonio, in other words, wasn't. I tapped my foot loudly, earning dirty looks from other tributes, could you blame me, it had been 39 minutes and counting since Sephy had gone in, I was truly concerned. At last Sephy came out, she had a few cuts on her face but looked happy. It wasn't until I saw Antonio that I realised Sephy looked perfect next to him. He had cuts all over his face and bare arms, he had a black eye, and a limp. I raised an eyebrow at Sephy and she just sent me a mischievous wink. Cherry came and sat next to me, District 5 were being called in, in 2 minutes or so. My face started to lose colour as the timer went to one minute. The automated voice was now counting down from ten, once getting to one it spoke 'District 5'. I looked over at Cherry, and she stared back, we both simultaneously stood up and walked over to the doors and walked in. Cherry gasped in shock, I just gaped. It was a labyrinth. On the top left side was the usual, President Snow, Caesar Flickerman and head game maker : Sakora Thames, weird name right? Sakora was handed a microphone and he started to speak "Ivy-May and Cherry Sullivan please take your places on your rightful launching pad" he began, we followed his instructions and he carried on "You will be competing against each other for a golden cup. The cup itself is only worth 7 points, the highest amount you can achieve today is 20. You will earn points by how well you defend yourself, how quickly you can react to and clean up an injury, how you can overcome the obstacles you will face and how you will use your intelligence to guide yourself to the cup. You will be given a range of weapons, these weapons cannot seriously harm you, you may get a few cuts or bruises. Self defence is acceptable. You may only use the weapons that we provide, you will now be searched by an avox to ensure you do not have anything to make the games unfair" he finished. Unfair. Unfair. How are the games possibly anything but unfair? I panicked when the avox started to search me, she ran her hands along my clothes, she had seen my Mockingjay pin. She unclipped it from my outfit, I screamed and suddenly everyones attention was now on me. The avox hurried up to President Snow and handed it to him, his face turned pale, like he'd just come across an old memory. "My, my, my, little Ivy, where on Earth could you have gotten this from" he slyly spoke. I gulped loudly, I think I'd just triggered something Snow had spent years trying to forget... 

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