Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
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What are the odds?
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12. Chapter 11

Ivy's P.O.V

Yawning, I stretched my arms and rubbed my eyes. I shot up when I remembered last night. I jumped out of bed and no one was around. I suspiciously looked around the penthouse, nothing. I searched everyones bedrooms, again no one. Of course, all this time I didn't realise one of the avox's was chasing me around trying to give me a note. I jumped when she tapped me on the back and handed me something in Sephy's handwriting. I thanked her and she hurried off. The note read "Be at the training centre by 12pm, you are going to be rated, after that you will have some training sessions, at 6pm meet outside with your stylists, have a great day,


Puzzled, I walked back to my room, and into my walk in wardrobe, the soft velvet couch held three outfits. One labelled 'Good luck on your rating' the next 'Training outfit' and finally the last was a gorgeous strapless baby pink gown which had a pink sticky note on it which read 'Only the best for you sweetie, your stylists will do your hair and  makeup, don't be late! Destiny'  (A/N I'll upload a picture of the dress for you guys once I'm done writing the chapter!) 

I didn't even bother to let my imagination wonder off to whatever event was taking place tonight, heck I didn't even know what day it was! I glanced over at the time, it was 11:30. I groaned and quickly got ready for the rating, I changed into my outfit, and hurried into the elevator. I'd been in the games before obviously, but this hotel has been designed specially for the 100th Hunger games, the Capitol spared no expense. So me, not the best navigator, couldn't find my way. I pressed all the buttons, you see I was listening to the elevator music and singing along and thats exactly when I hit the right button. My face flushed deep red as I joined Cherry. "Am I late" I whispered loudly. Again, I managed to catch everyones attention. Everyone turned back around when the automated female voice spoke "District 1". The male of District 1, Jasper, got up and walked through the sliding doors. After 15 mins Cecelia started tapping her foot nervously, eventually Jasper came out, a dozy look in his eyes, as if he was in a trance. Cecelia tugged his arm and sent him a stern look, he shook her off and trudged off to the elevator singing a soft tune. Everyone knew District 1 had a reputation of being the best of the best. Cecelia's face flushed, she knew no one would respect her District after what just happened. "District 1" spoke the automated voice, Jasper had now gotten out of the elevator and started walking around the waiting area, randomly braiding girls' hair and playfully punching some of the boys. Cecelia, torn between saving her reputation or getting a good rating, stood there and sent everyone a pleading look. "Last call for District 1" spoke the voice. Cecelia ran into the rating centre as the automated voice was now counting down. After a good 30 minutes Cecelia came out, a bottle of champagne in her hand. So Jasper came out dozy, Cecelia came out happy. What on earth could they be testing? Cecelia saw my confused look and tapped her nose and skipped off happily. Cecelia, happy? Ok now I was starting to get scared...


A/N - Sooo who thinks they know whats in the rating centre :) ? Comment below!!!


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