Just Another Victor *ON HOLD*

24 Victors
5 United
1 Secret
What are the odds?
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~Cover by C.H. Potter~


26. A/N

OMG! Yeah, nothing serious, just that this is my third AN in a row :( I'll be updating later on today but I just wanted to write this real quick. This fanfic is an adaptation of the Hunger Games, I know most of you are probably thinking I've wrote everything in the wrong order, and done things that weren't in the original Hunger Games, but that's only because I didn't want it to be an exact copy of the Hunger Games, just a different storyline, like come on, that's so cliche xD Anywaysssss, I'm gonna go work on a piece to publish, look out for a pic of one of the main cast next chapter :)


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