Can We Dance?

Her names Fae Johnson, 17 year old, some call her a rebel, others say she's an angel, that's a matter of opinion.

However, this isn't Her story. It's mine, Bradley Simpson, Call me Brad. I'm just a normal 18 year old, I break the rules, Stay low profile and write songs.

This time I really messed up when my parents left me home alone last Saturday.
Yet a simple mistake brought me to the attention of a beautiful girl.


5. Wake up in the morning.



"OHMYGOSH." a girl screeched, waking me up.


"What?" I yelled, She pointed to the drums, sitting with them was my dearest friend Tristan.


"Just go home," I complained, checking my phone.


Hey Brad, hope all is well, we'll be home in about 2 hours.- mum x


"Just what I need..." I grabbed an air horn. "Everyone clear up, NOW!"


2 hours later~


"JAMES GET OUT!" I screamed. Everyone had gone, the house was as clean as it could get for now at least, majority of the evidence was hidden in my room.


"Chill.." He left, I heard my parents car, sneaking downstairs, I bumped into a beautiful girl, Fae.


"Hey.." I said, unsure on how to react.


"Can we dance?" She whispered before kissing me, I quickly shoved her out my back door, just as my front door opened, and told her. "I'd like to skip the small talk and romance, girl."


~Three days later~


"BRADLEY SIMPSON." My dad bellowed. oops,


"What..oh." I looked at the computer screen, it was a video of Saturday, me and the boys singing can we dance...


"Yeah, Oh. that 'Oh has gotten you grounded and you can say goodbye to all your electronics!"




*Flashback ends*


hey Fae, i'll meet you now if you want. Big ben, three o'clock, We can dance.- Brad x

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