Can We Dance?

Her names Fae Johnson, 17 year old, some call her a rebel, others say she's an angel, that's a matter of opinion.

However, this isn't Her story. It's mine, Bradley Simpson, Call me Brad. I'm just a normal 18 year old, I break the rules, Stay low profile and write songs.

This time I really messed up when my parents left me home alone last Saturday.
Yet a simple mistake brought me to the attention of a beautiful girl.


1. The names Brad.


"Can I go out now?" I decided to ask my parents.


"Brad, you know you're grounded until next week, it can wait." I sighed.


"Can I have my phone then?" What? You can't get your way, try to compromise.


"You have your laptop as it is, don't push it." My dad didn't even look up from the paper.


Deciding that its not worth it, I retreated back upstairs and logged onto my facebook, still receiving messages and tags about Saturday, Man, that party was the best. I wish I didn't get caught.


I probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for that Fae girl, she wouldn't stop texting me, my parents grew suspicious, when I left my phone on the kitchen side they decided that it was their only chance to really find out what happened, and of course, it was a youtube link to the party.

Did I not say it was a good party? what other party gets on youtube?


I smile when I scroll through the pictures.


Party with- Bradley Simpson. Clara Frost. Fae Johnson and 25 more.


Well, I'm grounded. Lets see what Fae has on facebook.




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