Can We Dance?

Her names Fae Johnson, 17 year old, some call her a rebel, others say she's an angel, that's a matter of opinion.

However, this isn't Her story. It's mine, Bradley Simpson, Call me Brad. I'm just a normal 18 year old, I break the rules, Stay low profile and write songs.

This time I really messed up when my parents left me home alone last Saturday.
Yet a simple mistake brought me to the attention of a beautiful girl.


2. So..Can we Dance?

*Flash back*

"Brad!" I spun around. It was...Who know, its a party.


"Hey man! What's up?" He reeked of alcohol.


"Great party! Wish we had live music!" I nodded, in search of James, my best friend.


"Connor!" I called after my Bearded Dragon freak friend.


"Sup' B?" He ran over.


"Where's tris and James? Wanna sing?"


"Sure" he ran off where I went to plug the guitars and Microphones in.


"Found them!" He returned a few minutes after I finish.


"Great, let's start."


"GUYS. THIS IS A SONG I WROTE CALLED CAN WE DANCE, HOPE YOU LIKE IT.." I called over the half Sober, Half drunk teens in my house.


"I talk a lot of shh when I'm drinking baby, I'm known to go a little too fast."  I smiled at a girl, who knows what she's called, but she sure was beautiful.

"Don't mind all my friends, I know they're all crazy," I playfully slapped Connors cheek.

"But they're the only friends that I have."

"I know I don't know you, but I'd like to skip the small talk and romance, girl."

I jumped off the stage with my mic, Standing infront of the girl, her brunette hair reached her hips, She had a vibrant Green glow where her eyes belonged. somehow I remember noticing a small blue patch in her left eye, which made them the most amazing thing's I have every seen.


"That's all I have to say so, baby, can we dance?"


I felt her hands take my spare one, with a grin, I spun her around. We began to dance, tonight will be a memorable night, I can assure you.


*Flashback ends*

I grinned as I scrolled threw the photos of me and her dancing, the way we was smiling, dancing in synch, it was perfect.


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