can't keep living like this

it's about a girl called rocky short for rocksan . she goes through a bunch of drmatic events. all her life she was looking for a true friend and i think you gussed it she's depressed and doesn't know her place in this world but does she find something closer than a friend and will she ever be happy i guess we just have to find out .


2. the first day well alomst the first day

so i was wandering around these big halls .and all i could see or think about are the rules she was talking about and how diffrente this school is from our school i mean i've only been here like 1 hour and look how much trouble i am getting not to mention what a dick the headmistress ( princepal ) is . and all over the walls there are just posters of these rules that are fucking stupid like

-no smoking in the halls

-pants must reach till the waste

-uniform must be followed correctly 

i mean why don't the just come in to our homes and make rules and watch you while your shitting to make sure your sitting the right way and you don't fall in i mean wth

and don't get me started about no love being loved back rule cuz they shouldn't even tells 5th graders this bull shit i am just gona leave it up to that because i don't want to make world war three in my freaking head .

your probably thinking how does a 5th grader know all of these words well a long story short i do because i said so. ( this convo was going on in my head while i was walking and staring at blank)

"hey were am i " i said while looking behind me to check were i am " hey this section is blue i wonder why? i" i said this while still looking behind me. ( and as usual bumped in to somebody but this time i fell alone )

*****boom rocksan down ******

( it was a boy )

"hey watch were your going " he said angrily

" 1st of all i'll do what i want and secound of all why are you in the girls section" i said in a loud - bitchy voice

" no dumby i am in the boys section and so are you that's why the walls are blue ugggh" he said yelling at me 

" come on why don't you just punch me and are you retarded or what i am in the girls section you gay faggot " i said allmost punching him but he suddenly dragged me and showed me a sign on it boys section 

"see now you know how stupid you are or do i need to show you more shit "

"congratulations you have just passe my test " i said in a television host kinda style

"test . what test" he said confused

" the test that i just gave you silly you know about witch section we're in now and guess what eles your on the elen degenerss show there are hidden cameras there there and there" i said

" really" he said in an exited voice

"no" i said quickly then ran away ( from that moment on we hated each other )

well that's the end of that story . "omg omg i finally found 5b " i said in a exited voice 

when i opened the door the bell rang and the teacher said ' ok kids you can all go home now'

them i screamed " noooooo" and ever body was confused they were looking at me

" where were you all this time are you a student here" the teacher said 

" no i am wearing the school uniform cuz i am janitor and i screamed no because i lost my mop" i said sarcastically 

"what are you talking about do you need to go to a hospital or something ' she said in a caring voice

' well at this point i think i do" i said while walking away from the dumbass teacher

***** i walked home******

there were people moving in .in our old  house if your woundering what happened to the old ones well my little bro is really loud i'll just leave it up to that

"mom are the new naiboghers here yet " i said exited

"no they'removing next week and did you make any friends today" she said

"wellllll i kinda never went in the class except for the last 5 mins cuz i was lost and stuff" i said

" okay well get better luck tmw" she said in a cheerfull voice

"ok mom i am gona go to sleep" i said

"what why it's only three aclock" she said confused

" because" i said 

"but you'll wake up at like 12 aclock and everbody will be asleep" my mom said

"frankley at this point idc" i said yawning

"ok have it your way" she said

"ok gn"i said


****i went to sleep********

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