can't keep living like this

it's about a girl called rocky short for rocksan . she goes through a bunch of drmatic events. all her life she was looking for a true friend and i think you gussed it she's depressed and doesn't know her place in this world but does she find something closer than a friend and will she ever be happy i guess we just have to find out .


1. the beginning of it all



                        "i just woke up . i'm getting ready for the first day of the 5th grade it's gona be awsome in my new school " i said while getting ready


   " i had suffered a lot in my old school from the beginning of the first grade till the end of the fourth . for example i got bullied but not in the way that you think i wasn't bullied physically but mentally cuz words hurt but enough of that story it's in the past today is a new start for me and hopefully i'll make a friend." i thought while i was derived to school by my dad but we're late as usual

(school bell rings )

" ohh no i can't be late for the first day of school i am dead and the door is closed i am in sooo much trouble and i'll probably get stuck in the back seat alone again things can't any worse ughhh " i said in a pissed voice 

"well i can go with you and clear things up with the head mistress " my dad said cheerfully

" no thanks dad i wanna fight this battle alone . i'm going in " i said in a movie kinda way 

  i knocked the door then realizing there was a door bell ( it's actually a gate but it's weird to say gate bell). so i rang the door bell then i see this lady opening this huge metal gate and  i said "hi" . "hello" she replied awkwardly 

so know i'm just looking for g5 b ( b is for the girls and a is for the boys) and hoping that no one sees me ( by no one i mean the PRINCIPAL or someone like that ) so i am just looking behind to check if there is anyone to ask . then i bump in to somebody and she fell and all the stuff she was holding with her " i'm sooo sorry so so sorry " i said while picking up her stuff from on the ground .

while i was holding her stuff and getting off the floor i realized she's the head miss ( or the principal ) so when i stood up i tried giving her the stuff and avoiding any contact with her so she doesn't know but that plan falied i ended up looking at her right in the eye so she said 

" we're late now are we " 

"no actually i am late but i don't know about you and since we're all late i'll forgive you this time " i said sacredly. " IN MY OFFICE NOW !!!!!! "   

" ok ok " i said while i was draged  in to a big office full of books like a library but it was worse

" now why are you late " she said angrely                                                                                                       ." why aren't you " i said  .   " stop the smart talk missy . your new here right " she said with a smerk on her face   "ya why " i said    " because all the old students don't speak to the principal like that they think twice .well in your case you don't think at all so detention and let me tell you the main rules here . first there's no skipping class secound u can't wear any colours third and most important u can't like or love or be loved back by any boys "     she said with joy  "ok" i said                    " good now go to your class "she said  "ok but were is it " i said  "i have no idea bye"                    

i am looking for my classroom and i'm not getting any luck  finding it . i just hope i find it before the end of the day


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