Hermione Gaunt

After the war,Hermione goes to live with the Weasleys,along with Harry,Hermione and Ron are together but break up at one point.During the fourth week of the holidays,she gets 2 letters,a new wand and a visitor,she also goes through some physical changes.when she returns to Hogwarts she makes headgirl and a certain someone makes headboy. She falls in love with her old enemy and breaks her friendship with someone else.


4. The Malfoy Story

"Lucius's father Abraxas Malfoy,was a very strong pureblood believer.Killed muggleborns, tortured them.When Lucius was sixteen,Abraxas forced him in to a death eater,I was the only one who loved Lucius,I could see him for who he really was,over all the hardness,hate and coldness,there was love and stress.After we left Hogwarts we got married,a few months later I found out I was pregnant,it was the happiest thing that happened to me,I was very happy,Lucius,however was the complete opposite,more stressed and cold then I ever knew he had,finally one day,I caught him in the corner,cuddled up in a ball.Crying,that was the night were he poured his heart to me,told me everything,he told me how his father was in the hospital,dying from dragon pox,how the dark lord had plans to make him in his inner circle,in the place of his father,how he didn't want it,he hated muggleborns but did not want to harm them,his father grew on to him,made him do horrible things.He told me how he hated his father,that he did not care if his father lived or died.I knew he was scarred to deeply,wounded inside,emotionally.The last thing he told me,will always remain with me, the fear,the tears,everything.He told me our son who was not even born yet was in danger,our first son,that the dark lord has made up his mind about Draco,that in his future,Draco will be a Deatheater,never have I cried more then that night,I cried until there was no more fluid in my eyes,they were empty,I cried in silence.That is when you come in,your father and Draco's father have been through the same thing,both of their father's were pure evil,forced them in to things,that would haunt you,in all your life,like Lucius,your father found love,he found it through his second cousin,his father's side,she was also a Gaunt,Bella Gaunt,she was my best friend,I loved her more then my own sister,Bellatrix,I just found her too scary,even though she  was younger then me.Your mother and father found love around the same time Lucius and I found it. Lucius and I got married and one month after your parents got married,we had such a good time,your mother and I both got pregnant at the same time,then your father and Lucius found out that the dark lord had plans  for you and Draco,to be partners,to help him terrorize the muggleborns. We went through an amazing amount of stress and didn't know what to do, you were in greater danger as you were a Lastinta,the most powerful type of witches in all of history.A few months later,I went in to labor and had Draco,I remember,crying tears of happiness and fear,I was incredibly scared,you have no idea.Sadly,a few weeks after,your mother asked me to be your godmother,I was thrilled and accepted.Two weeks after that,your mother went into labor,she died one hour after you were born,she begged me to keep you safe,I promised.When she died,seeing her lifeless body there on the bed,a pool of blood around her,it shocked me,I didn't know what to do,as for your father,he was broken.Shattered,he went away for one year,no one saw him,the dark lord was constantly looking for him.Anyway, I raised you and Draco together for a year and a half,I loved you like my daughter,truly I did.One day,behind Lucius' back,I became a death eater,I thought that if I was one,I could have a say in what happened to Draco and you,fortunately the day I got the mark,the dark lord took the bloody traitor wormtail to  Godric's Hollow,were he murdered the Potter's,everyone was surprised that the dark lord had been defeated by a baby,me and Lucius were extremely happy,we thought that Draco and you were safe,he found out about me becoming a death eater,he thought we were safe so he did not make a big deal out of it,because soon they began to fade.You and Draco,got older and at the age of two,your father came back,he looked awful,he was thinner,bags under his eyes,his eyes did not have the shimmer they have now,they were lifeless.We told him that the dark lord had been defeated,he disagreed saying the dark lord will return and that he was in greater danger because he didn't have the dark mark any more and didn't have it before the dark lord was defeated because of the amount he loved your mother,if the dark lord found out he would have killed him because if there is one thing the dark lord can never understand is love,since he had horcruxes,we disagreed,when you and Draco,had a month left to celebrate your birthday,your father said he had come to take you home,he had healed and could look after you.We agreed and that was the last time I saw you.He had gone far away,giving you to Grangers who agreed to raise you since they could not have children of their own.I missed you very much I thought of you like a daughter,like my own child,the thought of you dead was too painful.it was a horrible time,unfortunately your father was right and came back,I admire your father for what he did,if he did not do that,then the dark lord would have killed your father then made you and Draco death eaters,you would have been in the same position as Draco and possibly worst."Narcissa whispered shakily,her eyes were a pool flooding with tears,she could not contain the water so she let everything out,I hugged her tightly.

"It is fine now,he is gone,you are not truly a death eater,you only did it to protect Draco."I convinced her,she looked at me in to my eyes,

"Thank you Mione,you have been extremely brave,these past years and I'm soo happy that you are back,my best friend's daughter is back at last.Could you go and wake Draco,so we could have breakfast,it is nine o'clock,it is your last day here,before you leave for your train tomorrow,your dad left on some important business,he bought your trunk and Hogwarts' possessions  in your trunks,which are in your room."Narcissa told me, I nodded, before I left the room I gave her one more smile and headed back to the guest room.Draco was still sleeping,he had a peaceful expression on his face.He looked soo handsome, walking over to him,gently,I placed my fingers to his hair and stroked it out of his eyes,somehow I startled him, he grabbed my hand,looking in my eyes,he held my other hand pulling me towards him,I was at a very awkward position,on top of him,my body pressed against his,a warm feeling spread across my body,I was lost in his eyes,they were beautiful,I was captured in them,being inches away from his face,hesitantly I closed the gap,between us.His lips moved with in perfect sync with mine,it was sweet and passionate,after a few moments I felt his tongue against my bottom lip,quickly I granted him entrance,our tongues waltzed together,his breathe against mine,Ron had never  made a me feel like this ever.It was filled with desire and sweetness,we rolled over so he was lying on top of me,he broke the kiss,it ended to quickly,our foreheads were resting against each other.he kissed my jaw,my neck my color bone,I had never felt so much better,he nibbled my ear.


"I always wanted to do that to you,I love you."Draco whispered in my ear,I tangled my hands in his hair and looked in to his eyes.

"I love you too."I whispered back to him.Gently he slid off me and was next to me,cuddling in to his chest he stroked my hair with one hand while the other hand was around my waist.

"You know we should go,your mother told me to wake you up and call you to have breakfast,not come in and kiss you,we leave for Hogwarts together,I hope we end up in the same house."I chuckled sadly at him,he locked in his eyes with mine,brushing his fingers against my cheek.

"I'm headboy,you are headgirl,we get to share a common room,remember?Plus it very likely that you will be moved to Slytherin,because you were only placed in Gryffindor because the sorting hat was ordered by Dumbledore to place you in there because everyone thought you were muggleborn."He reassured me,I grinned at him and got up,he followed.I had another quick shower and rushed out to put my clothes on,I wore black skinny top with a white see through lace top,letting my hair lose,I waited as Draco had a shower and got changed,before he held my hand and took me to where his parents sat,now it was twelve thirty,as we walked in they stared at us then at our hand which were entwined in the middle, Lucius raised an eyebrow,smirking at his wife,Narcissa smiled at us,beaming,as if the best thing ever had just happened.

"Hello mother,father."Draco greeted them,smiling,he took a seat opposite his parents dragging me with him.

"Hello,Narcissa,Lucius."I greeted smiling at them,they smiled back,

"Well,that took you long Hermione,considering you went to get Draco for breakfast."Lucius joked,I flushed beetroot red and looked down,he earned a death glare and a nudge in the ribs from Narcissa.

"Only joking,lunch in about to be served in fifteen minutes,tell me what are you going to do for the rest of the day?"Lucius asked,his glaze flickered from Draco's face to mine.Me and Draco looked at each other,shrugging. 

"Well father,we do not know yet,what do you suggest?"Draco asked looking at his father questioningly.

"Well why don't you take Hermione to the quidditch pitch and play that,you have not played since fifth year."Lucius suggested,Draco's face rose,he liked the idea,I however was horrified.I can't fly.I would have to tell him after lunch.After a long and silence half hour,Draco rose and led me to the quidditch pitch.It was massive,the same size as our one at Hogwarts.Draco sprinted leading me behind him,we ran the pitch like mad people,laughing the whole time,our hair blowing in the wind,nothing would split us apart.We reached a cupboard,taking out two brooms,he handed me one in silence.I hesitated.

"Um,Draco,I can't fly."I admitted sheepishly,he stared at bewildered handed me the broom reassuringly

"Don't worry love,I will show you,I will never let you get hurt,or hurt you myself,like that brain witted Weasel. Mione I love you."He told me,I flung myself to him,my arms around his neck,my legs around his waist,his arms were holding me tight and securely ,his hands around my waist.I crashed my lips to his,it was better then last time,if that was possible,within seconds his tongue was sliding against my lips,I granted him entrance quicker then last time,eager for more.He pushed me gently against the wall,our lips still glued together,he let go of my waist and was discovering every part of my body,It was comforting.I tangled my hands in his hair,pulling him closer,when he was closer,I dropped my hands from his hair as he began kissing his way down,my neck and color bone were tingling from his touch,aching for more.I slid my hands down,putting one finger inside his jean waist band,my other hand worked my up to his chest and stopped where his heart was,beating like crazy,feeling his heart as he kissed me,it ended to soon,he let his head rest against my head,his hands cupping my butt.We breathed heavily,smiling at each other,I put my mouth to his ear.

"I love you too."I breathed against his neck,he pulled back,brushing his clothes down,making the creases disappear,I did the same,we took the brooms and headed to the pitch as if everything didn't happen,we were both smirking.

"Those three words were all I needed to hear,say it again?"He looked me in the eyes,pleading,he took one of my hands,I put the other to his cheek,I took another step towards him,our noses were touching.we locked eyes,my emerald dazzling eyes were reflected in his grey stormy ones.

"I love you Draco Malfoy. I always will."I confirmed,smiling he beamed happily back at me,taking my hand that was still placed on his cheek,he kissed it,chuckling.

"I can not believe that just happened in a broom cupboard"His eyes full of humor,we walked to the pitch and mounted our brooms,were he showed me how to fly,surprisingly,I caught up and was a lot better then I was before,he was a good teacher and an extremely brilliant flyer.When I was more confident  we started racing,I managed to keep up,we flew together across the mountains,along with the birds,we saw it all,our laughter echoed through the air as we smiled to each other,we were miles away from Malfoy Manor.As we gazed in to each others eyes,a bird flew past me,startling me,I lost balance and fell through the air, the humorous laughs were now,cries,I shut my eyes together,I had landed on something muscular,comforting me.

"You didn't really think I'd just let you fall, did you,I told you I'd keep you safe love."The warm voice whispered in my ear.I was relieved I clung on to him tightly,my head resting on his shoulder,we glided through the air,the sky was a beautiful orange and red,we stared as we flew back home.We watched the sun set together on a broomstick.I could never wish for a better moment.As we landed on the pitch of Malfoy Manor the sky was dark with shimmering stars,we looked up,Draco dropped the broom and gripped my hand tightly,walking back to his house in silence.We opened the door open Narcissa and Lucius came running towards us.

"Where in the Merlin's name have you been?"Lucius asked us worriedly,glancing at our faced,I felt guilty,I knew Draco did too.

"We have been soo worries."Narcissa whispered pulling us both in to a hug.

"It is fine now,knowing you are safe now,dinner then bed,it is eleven o'clock."Narcissa smiled at us.

"I am very sorry,Draco taught me to fly,and before we knew it,we were racing each other and went far away from the Manor,we watched the sun set and lost track of time,I'm sorry."I told Narcissa and Lucius through guilt,Lucius stepped forward placing a hand on my shoulder.

"It is okay dear,we were just worried,when we lost you all those years ago,we don't want to lose you again,not to mention you and Draco,we just love you too much."Lucius explained,Narcissa smiled from behind him.I smiled back.

"Could I possibly skip dinner and go to bed,I am just tired and not hungry."I asked them,they nodded.

"Of course, Hermione,this is your home as much as Draco's do anything you please."Narcissa told me with a smile.

"Yes ,mother,I am tired and tomorrow is our fist day of school."Draco reminded,Narcissa and Lucius nodded,after our goodnights and hugs,Draco led me to my room,he put the things my dad had sent in my trunks,he left my pj's out handing them to me.

"Put them on love,I will just take these to my room,then come and get you,can you sleep with me?I just want to hold on to you."Draco asked lovingly.

"Of course,sweetheart,anything for you."He pecked me once on the lips and left,I quickly threw my pj's on and sat on the couch,thinking of Draco.Although we did't talk much,his eyes said it all,the way he kisses me,the way he looks at me,the way he holds me,as if I'm fragile,sensitive and delicate,did I love him?Yes,more then I have ever loved anyone in my life,much more then Ron,Draco made me feel something I could never feel before with Ron.Slowly I drifted off to sleep,there,alone,on the couch,my mind swirling around the thoughts of Draco and tomorrow. 

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