Hermione Gaunt

After the war,Hermione goes to live with the Weasleys,along with Harry,Hermione and Ron are together but break up at one point.During the fourth week of the holidays,she gets 2 letters,a new wand and a visitor,she also goes through some physical changes.when she returns to Hogwarts she makes headgirl and a certain someone makes headboy. She falls in love with her old enemy and breaks her friendship with someone else.


3. Tears and comfort

I felt my eyes battering open,people around me,I felt my hand was warmer then the rest of my body,I glanced down,seeing a pale hand,entwined in mine. He was sitting in a green armchair to my left,his head resting against the top,he was in a deep sleep,his platinum blonde hair was in his eyes,a smile upon his face.He looked soo peaceful and happy.It was Draco Malfoy. I lay in bed for a while,I felt different,something about me inside, I felt powerful .Accidentally I moved my hand, a little too much and woke up Draco.He looked at me and smiled.

"Hey Gaunt,How are you feeling?"Draco asked me,I looked at him and raised an eyebrow,I thought he was taking the mick,he just frowned,as if he was knowing what I was thinking.

"I'm feeling fine thanks."I grunted,even to my own ears I sounded harsh,I smiled at him

"How long have I been out for?"I hoped it wasn't that long,then what I heard next shocked me.

"NINE DAYS!!!"I spat out at him,he shuffled upwards in his chair and let go of my hand,he just nodded his head.

"It is now half two in the morning,school starts in one days,it's Saturday,I must admit though Grange... I mean Gaunt,the transformation was worth it,you look good,,better then before,you must be the hottest girl in the school,Parkinson's gonna go mad,even she can't deny this one."He winked at me,I blushed,Draco threw his head back and let out a laugh.I finally noticed what he said.

"What do you mean I look better?What's changed about me?"I asked sarcastically,thinking he was just winding me up.He took a lock of my hair and put it in front of my eyes,I gasped.

"Check it out Gaunt,you've gone blonde,must say though,it suits you!"He added with a smile.I gently smacked his hand away,jumping out of bed,I ran to a mirror in the corner of the room.I gawked at myself,he was right,I did look good,very good,I was taller then usual,my skin was lighter and clear,my eyes were just like my father's emerald green and stunning,my hair was longer then before it came to just under my waist,it was straight at the top as it got to the bottom,it got curly.I just stared at my reflection,I was obsessing too much over my face and hair,I completely forgot about my body,I was wearing a black dress from my chest to the top of my thighs it was black and clung to my curves,the rest of the dress was see through,my legs were exposed,I blushed and turned to face Malfoy,he was just staring at me now,his expression unreadable.I rolled my eyes,he'd already seen me there was no point covering.

"Don't you know Malfoy,that it is rude to stare?"I glared at him,he looked taken aback and stopped day dreaming.

"Well ,sorry Gaunt,Weasley is certainly lucky to have a brave,beautiful,smart and funny girlfriend like you."He looked in to my eyes,I cleared my throat and ripped my eyes from his.

"Where are the others anyway,Malfoy?"I snapped at him.He was annoying me now,I didn't want to get angry at him,he was sweet enough to stay next to me through my transformation,

"Well,Gaunt,it is still two in the morning,you have slept for 7 days,not straight anyway,the first three days,you were just shivering and screaming,sometimes you'd stop,but it was constant screaming and shaking sometimes you'd just whimper and sob,I will admit,you even bought a couple of tears to my eye,We felt soo helpless,seeing a person in such an amount of pain and not being able to stop it or help them,me and my mother stayed with you,it was always me or her or both of us,my father was always with your father,your father was the worst,he wouldn't eat or drink nothing he'd just stay next to you,if you'd scream he'd start screaming,we thought he went crazy,he is now at your house, my father was with him,he just came back,my mother is probably asleep,the reason we worried soo much was because... no one in the history of the Gaunt family transformed for more then five hours,the longest was four and a half hours and the woman lost her mind.I should go tell mother you are awake,she told me to do so."He was getting up to go.

"Draco...wait..don't go,leave your mum to rest,stay with me,let me just change in to something more decent  and we will sit down and talk,catch up,you know."I looked at him with pleading eyes.He nodded.

"The bathroom is through there,your dad bought you some clothes just in case,they are in there." He pointed to a pile of clothes on the armchair.I grabbed my favorite pair of shorts and a vest.I ran in to the bathroom and had a shower,it calmed my pulse,I used my favorite shampoo,vanilla scented,stepping out I shoved my clothes on and did a drying spell on my hair,even I  couldn't deny,I looked good.I hurried out of the bathroom and went to the bedroom,Draco was standing with his back to me,reading something.

"Draco.What is that you are reading?"I asked curiously,taking a step towards him,he turned to face me,putting the paper behind his back,I raised an eyebrow and continued towards him.He walked back.

"Give it to me Draco,please."I ordered him,putting my hand out for him to give it to me."He looked at me locking my eyes with his,I found myself lost in his stormy eyes again.

"You won't like what you are going to see,I personally don't know you that well but I don't want you to get hurt,he doesn't deserve you."I looked at him,I could feel my heart starting to race.Gently he took my hand in his hand.

"Please,I need to know"I muttered,looking at him with pleading eyes,he finally gave in,slowly he pulled the newspaper from behind him and handed it to me.Hesitantly,I opened it and gasped,I saw Ron in a wizard pub,snogging a girl,pushing her against the wall,his hands were on  her waist,I realized the girl to be Lavender Brown.That bit broke my heart,it tore me to pieces,I started to cry on the captions below it read:

            Hermione,the brightest witch of her age,the brains behind the Golden Trio,turns out to be the last heir of the pureblood Gaunt family, she is in fact a pureblood and a lastinta,some things just shock you,her boyfriend Ronald Weasley,also a member of the golden trio has admitted to never loving her in the way she loved him,but more in a sisterly way.He was the one who passed around the message about Ms Hermione Gaunt he called her a liar about who she was,also Narcissa Malfoy former death eater turns out to be Hermione's godmother,also known from Mr Weasley. All three of the Golden Trio are returning to finish their final year at Hogwarts...."I couldn't finish the article,I didn't realize that I was sobbing and weeping,the newspaper was damp,I let my body drop to the floor and started to cry,scream,I was shaking,I saw Draco come towards me and place his hand on my shoulder,Gently he picked me up against his warm muscular body,cradling me like a baby,I sobbed into his shoulder,placing me on the bed,he came and sat next to me,I continued to cry on his shoulder,until my cries were sobs,then they weren't sobs they were just deep broken breaths.

"Shh,don't worry Hermione,I promise you he'll regret it,don't cry,he's not worth it."Whispering in my ear,softly and comfortably,his breath tingled against my neck,calming me,His hands were around my waist,my head rest against his shoulder,I started to fall asleep on his shoulder.I felt my head being dropped and the warm body leaving mine.I grabbed his arm,looking into his eyes.

"Stay,please,I don't want to be alone."I whispered.He nodded and pulled the covers on top of me,before joining me,he put his arms around my waist and I snuggled in to his chest,I started sobbing,my eyes were stinging from the crying,he caressed my back and put his chin on the top of my head,I breathed in heavily,inhaling spearmint toothpaste and fell asleep in to his arms.


My eyes opened again,I looked up to see his face he was still peaceful and asleep,I stared at the clock opposite me,It was six o'clock,the room was dark,it must be Sunday I could not believe I slept that long,gently,I untangled myself from him and got up,I brushed myself down and fixed my eyes. They were red and sore.Taking one more look at Draco,I silently opened the door and walked out,this manor was quiet similar to mine and had the same color scheme. I tiptoed across the hall,noticing noises from one of the rooms,knocking on it gently.

"Yes,come in."I heard the voice from the other side of the door,opening the door gently,I saw Narcissa and Lucius sitting on a couch in front of the fire.

"Good morning,Lucius,Narcissa."I  greeted them from behind as soon as they heard me,Narcissa jumped up from the couch and flung her arms around me,tears streaming down her face.

"We were soo worried,are you ok,how do you feel?"She blurted out,looking at me,then at my hair.

"Um you look different,did you just wake up?"Narcissa asked worried.Lucius came from behind and put a hand on her shoulder calming her down,he smiled at me

"Hermione,when did you wake up,dear?Lucius repeated Narcissa's question,his stormy eyes the same as Draco's.

"Well,I woke up at two in the morning yesterday,then me and Draco were just talking,until I spotted him reading the Daily Prophet,I saw the article about what the traitor Weasley said,I cried until Draco calmed me,I guess we both fell asleep after that,he is still asleep now."I explained casually,I was on the verge of tears,they looked at me sympathetically,Lucius put his arm around my shoulder awkwardly.

"They were bound to find out soon,I think sooner the news the better, even though Weasley deserves some kind of revenge,you should stay away from him,just because you are a pureblood it will not make people look at you in a different way,blood statuses do not matter to me or anyone for that matter.What your father has done in the past is the past,we all have changed,some people took longer then others but we all eventually got there though it really wasn't his fault..."He looked at Hermione in confusion,she looked at him in awe.

"Lucius!"Narcissa snapped at him"It is obvious that she doesn't know,please leave us." Narcissa snapped at her husband,he just realized that he had made a mistake,Lucius strolled out of the room,leaving Narcissa and Hermione standing their,looking at each other.

"Please,sit down Hermione and I'll tell you everything I know" Narcissa pleaded Hermione who sat down on a armchair,Narcissa followed,sitting the place where she and Lucius were sitting before.

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