Hermione Gaunt

After the war,Hermione goes to live with the Weasleys,along with Harry,Hermione and Ron are together but break up at one point.During the fourth week of the holidays,she gets 2 letters,a new wand and a visitor,she also goes through some physical changes.when she returns to Hogwarts she makes headgirl and a certain someone makes headboy. She falls in love with her old enemy and breaks her friendship with someone else.


9. Revenge

"Hermione..."Slowly,he reached out,his pale hand slithering towards my chin,pushing my chin upwards...I still couldn't look at him. Ashamed and humiliated,my eyes remained focused on looking at the bleak blurred floor. Which was the last thing that I had noticed before my eyes snapped shut

A cool breeze hit my face as my eyes slowly opened.The large white room overpowered my sight,eventually they adjusted.It all came rushing back to me.I remembered,I remembered it all,the pain,the anger and the betrayal.Quickly I opened the draw and found my wand ,rushing out of the hospital wing,I went to look for him.

My footsteps echoed through the empty corridor,when I eventually reached the staircase people threw me looks,looks which I ignored.Grasping my wand tightly I headed off looking for him.Swiftly,I approached a student who backed away from me.

"What day is it?"my voice sounded harsh and dangerous.I got no reply

WHAT DAY IS IT?" I shrieked,the student looked terrified as she began to stutter.

"Its..it's...Wednesday." storming off,I headed to the charms classroom the clock had chimed 11 o'clock,we usually had charms now.More looks were being thrown at me,but it was something I can cope with.Taking in a deep breath,I charged through the door.

"Miss Granger..." the professor exclaimed. Ignoring him, I headed to his desk the classroom was silent,everyone was watching intensley.With a strength I didn't even know I had, I pulled him by collar behind me as people gasped.We reached the corridor and I pulled out my wand,pointing it directly at his bruised and scarred face.He didn't react he just stayed there looking at me,I could feel tears of anger form in my eye.I would not let him see me cry. I would not let him see how he had broke me

"Hermione....look at me."Dracos voice,gently called behind her.She couldn't turn around,she couldn't look at him.The hall was filling up with students and teachers,who looked scared to get involved.She heard and smelled him getting closer and closer.It relaxed her but frightened her.Ron smirked at her,that was the final straw.

"Crucio"Hermione whispered,she watched him wither and shake in pain in front of her,she enjoyed it,she enjoyed causing him pain that he caused her.She knew that people were too shocked to interfere.Then Hermione stopped and she realized what she had done.

"Look at what you've made me do!look!look!" She fell on to the cold floor,staring at her hand then her wand,she screamed and weeped until she found a warm arm snaking around her body and lifting her.She sobbed in to his chest as he moved her away from the scene.

"Shh,Mione.it's going to be okay."She heard him whispering into her ear again and again.Hermione jumped out of his arms and walked ahead of him.

"Hermione,please stop."his soothing voice made her stop in her tracks.He tried to grab her arm but she pulled away.

"Okay,I won't touch you, but please talk to me."Hermione could tell he was pleading her,but she had nothing to say,she was scared.

"I'm sorry Draco,but I don't know what to say."with that she continued walking,even though she didn't know where.


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